11 Most Unusual University Degrees

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By Laura Caton

We’re all aware of the ‘normal’ degrees that are on offer, but what about the more unusual UK degrees out there?

A quick search of uni courses on the UCAS site brings up an array of weird and wonderful degree subjects , but would they be worth paying up to £9,000 for?

We have trawled the UK higher education landscape and picked out some of our favourite unusual uni degrees for your enjoyment.

Here are our top 11.

1. Baking technology management

Coming in at number 1 is Baking Technology Management at London South Bank University. Who knew you could do a degree that taught you such things as bread and chocolate technology and sugar craft?

Clearly there’s more to a cake than just eating it!

The course is only 2 years long but you also get to learn the management and commercial side of baking to back up your new-found skills.

One thing is for sure, you would definitely be the favourite person in your university accommodation. Especially with all the practice you will be doing.

2. Brewing and distilling

At number 2 is brewing and distilling at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh. It’s a well-known fact that students and alcohol go hand in hand but clearly some students take it one step further and make it their career (lucky so and sos).

It turns out that this is actually a popular degree and career path. Students need to have a keen interest in science and the brewing process as opposed to just drinking the produce (although that may be a perk).

Top employers look for students with this degree and, just like with baking, you could even take your degree home with you. Imagine brewing some beer for coursework while your housemate slaves away over a 20 page thesis on modern history.

3. Artist blacksmithing

At a respectable number 3 is Artist Blacksmithing at Hereford Collage of Arts. Not something that immediately springs to mind for most people, but this course allows students to learn about traditional forge work as well as contemporary artwork.

Some of the best artists out there are blacksmiths and although it’s a dying art there is certainly still a need. Many blacksmiths go on to be farriers working with horses’ shoes but you could be different.

Learn the true art of metal work and move to the south of France to live in the mountains selling your metal work for thousands to tourists……a bit too carried away?

4. Circus and physical performance

A surprise entry at number 4 is contemporary circus and physical performance at Bath Spa University, quite possibly the most fun sounding degree we came across. This degree even gives students an opportunity to perform at Glastonbury.

Students can choose to learn a large number of skills and work on their body training through top physical exercise techniques.

This foundation degree course is definitely not for everyone and the circus lecturers take it very seriously so no clowning around! (Sorry).

5. Hand embroidery

Half way through at 5 is Hand Embroidery at the University for the Creative Arts. A niche area in fashion and textiles, this foundation course gives students the chance to acquire skills in traditional embroidery, this then allows them to progress to the final year of BA (Hons) Textile for Fashion and Interiors at UCA.

Embroidery is a serious skill for anyone to have and if you are a real fan of it then UCA is the place for you.

6. Floral design

Popping up at 6 is floral design at Myersclough College. This course teaches historical floral design, design trends and business planning to students wanting a career out of carnations.

Students with green fingers all over the UK apply to this course with the hope of one day owning their very own florist. It’s definitely a niche skill but one that is well worth learning if you want to succeed in this sector.

At the very least, your student accommodation would look and smell amazing with all of the flowers you’ll have knocking about.

7. Theatre practice: puppetry

Theatre Practice & Puppetry at Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London is our number 7. Training for the future Muppets, this course is a specialist study area of theatre practice which has a reputation for its graduates going on to work among brilliant institutions such as Cirque du Soleil, the London Symphony Orchestra, performing shadow puppet workshops and puppeteering at Thorpe Park.

So Cirque du Soleil seems like the dream destination but we would take Thorpe park any day. Just need to find out if you get a free go on the rides.

8. Surf science and technology

Coming towards the end now with Surf Science Technology at number 8. You can study this gem at Cornwall College.

If surfing is your thing then what better place to study it than in Cornwall? Far from just about surfing this course also offers students and insight into marine conservation, business, law and psychology.

Surf’s up dude!

9. Education studies (English)

Number 9 is Education Studies at Durham University. Ok at first glance this course isn’t that unusual but on closer inspection within the course the following module is offered: Harry Potter and the Age of Illusion.

Now, we don’t know about everyone else but we would love to study Harry Potter! The module has gone for a really interesting look at Harry Potter in a social, cultural and education context rather than a literature context.

10. Ethical hacking

Now there’s two words you thought would never go together. Yet, at the University of Abertay in Dundee, you can discover everything you could ever need to know about computer hacking today, and yes, that includes how to hack.

Don’t scoff though, the course boasts a massive 88% rate of students in employment or further study following the course, which is nothing to be sniffed at.

11. Best of the masters

And… Finally, this may be cheating as it’s not an actual degree but, if a BA (Hons) in something unusual isn’t enough for you why not consider a master’s degree?

The most weird yet wonderful one we’ve come across is The Beatles, Popular Music and Society at Liverpool Hope University which claims to be the only MA on the Beatles in the UK and the world.

Now that really is unique and unusual and it brings up the end of our countdown, so “let it be!” (High 5 from the Beatles fans)?

Now, a lot of people will laugh off unusual degrees like this but you never know where they could get you. Although they are niche, you will be pretty much guaranteed a job after finishing university thanks to the small amount of graduates from that course that you will be competing against.

If a degree like these were ever to interest you then you will definitely need to make sure that you enjoy it! It would also be worth knowing what kind of salary you could expect from it once you graduate, so have a read of this.