2014 Domain of Singapore Tutoring Experts' List of "Exotic" Public Studying Areas

Singapore is small, but not that small you can't venture beyond the suffocating, boring four walls of your home to slightly less conventional locations for some serious mugging. We agree that at times a change of study environment can positively reinvigorate the soul of a tired student, hence us compiling this list of "attractions" you can visit with your lecture notes and cuppa:

1. Lido Cineplex Atrium (Beside Box Office)

Seriously? Oh yes we are serious. Before undergoing a major refurbishment, it was THE place where students from RGS, SCGS, AJC and HCI (to name a few) flocked to whilst preparing for their end of year examinations. Back then there was a massive array of tables and benches, now it is replaced by a series of pretty comfy green couches laid out in a circular fashion around a wooden center stage (which you can choose to sit atop if your behind prefers a more sturdy surface). Fret not about the movie trailers and advertisements constantly booming from the gigantic display hanging from above; your mind will almost certainly shut out them out once you are thoughtfully processing homework and revision material.

2. Novena Square Shopping Mall (Above Novena MRT)

Don't these resting areas look especially inviting? Well they are located at both Levels 2 and 3. Our recommendation is to proceed there for some intensive studying after 8pm on weekends-we have witnessed for ourselves how unbelievably serene the place can become once the crowds have thinned out.

3. Underground Linkway Between Orchard Central And CentrePoint

Surprisingly, secluded spots in Orchard Road do exist, such as this one. Fully air-conditioned, sitting cubes which are equal parts colorful and comfortable accompanied by an atmosphere best described as pleasantly quiet and docile during most times of the day, what more than the student who desires a few moments of peace ask for? By the way, when we last checked, bookshelves stacked with various free reads are also available, just in case you need a nice distraction away from hitting the academic stuff ever so tediously.

4. Senja-Cashew Community Centre

Located directly opposite Bukit Panjang Plaza, this community centre boasts a sprawling lobby (complete with a generous collection of furniture) where one can chill away to his/her heart's content. Extremely airy and pleasantly clean, it is therefore no surprise this is the unofficial secret lair of students who live and/or study nearby.

For those who aren't aware, most parts of the community centre will have shutters rolling down after 10pm at night, save for the lobby. Those who need to relieve themselves shall have to walk up a flight of stairs to the second level; the toilets are situated near the public gym. If unsure, ask the security guard manning the desk near the entrance.

Remember, always observe proper decorum when studying in these public areas; when you need to walk away, WALK AWAY. Being confrontational is pure stupidity. HAVE FUN, AND GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR TESTS/EXAMS!