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Buyback Asia started out in NUS as a brick and mortar used textbook operator back in 2006. In 2010, Buyback Asia acquired and re-launched itself as a free online used textbook marketplace. It has since become one of the leading tertiary textbook portals in Singapore.

In 2013, Buyback Asia was acquired by Mind Asia, a forward-looking company that seeks to maximize internet technology and innovation to fulfil the demands of Asia in the 21st century. Today, continues to be a leader in the online used textbooks market in Singapore and is constantly innovating itself to better serve the needs of students in Singapore.

Our philosophy has not changed since day one. We still strongly believe in providing a valuable service to students and at the same time create a socially responsible and economically sustainable business. (Site Excerpt)

A Level Books A Level Books

A wide range of 'A' Level material (textbooks, guidebooks, 5/10 year series, prelim papers) to cater to your educational needs. (Site Excerpt)

SG Box SG Box

Established since 1997, we supply the latest editions of the best Singapore textbooks and Singapore workbooks to students, teachers, parents, home schoolers and tutors in Singapore and many countries worldwide. We are very honoured to serve them and fulfil their educational needs.

There are tens of thousands of Singapore textbooks and Singapore workbooks published in Singapore, but not all of them are created equal. Many of them are not in line with the Singapore curriculum, too simple, or too challenging. Those Singapore textbooks and Singapore workbooks that do not follow the Singapore curriculum will do more harm than good for your child as they either contain material that is not suitable for their educational level and / or omit critical material that is required learning for their educational level.

Those Singapore textbooks and Singapore workbooks that are too simple for the average standard are simply not worth buying because they do not help your child progress much in their learning and studies. Those Singapore textbooks and Singapore workbooks that are way too challenging for even the smartest children are also not worth buying because they will stress and demoralise your child unnecessarily.

That is why we are very careful with our selection of Singapore textbooks and Singapore workbooks. We have a team of qualified Singapore teachers and editors who review and select every Singapore textbook and Singapore workbook before we offer them for sale on our Singapore bookstore. We also constantly replace our Singapore textbooks and Singapore workbooks whenever there are new and better ones. (Site Excerpt)

Read Pbn Read Pbn

We are a leading provider of books and media that equip both Pre K–12 educators and students with innovative tools to improve teaching and learning.

Our Books and Media are:

- Authored by experts on the topics most relevant to you

- Formatted for hands-on, practical guidance

- Research based and peer reviewed for quality

- Suitable for professional learning settings (Site Excerpt)

Step By Step Step By Step

We publish various A-Level Chemistry Books, A-Level Mathematics Books, and A-Level Physics Books,(mainly for the Singapore-Cambridge GCE A-Level (Higher 2) syllabus). Our A-Level Study Guides cover the essentials to help our readers learn and apply the relevant theories. Our A-Level Practice Questions contain both questions and suggested solutions, with all solutions showing the essential steps to apply the relevant theories. All our books should also help readers study and prepare for their A-Level examinations. (Site Excerpt)