For Every Extremely Successful Tutor, There Are Probably Ten Who Did Not Make it.

Once again, a top earning tutor hogs the limelight:"Private tutor specializing in junior college Economics makes $18,000 a month." (By the way, Mr Anthony Fok is listed with us as a junior grandmaster tutor; FYI I knew him to be a very decent, hardworking and polite chap through our previous communications going way back more than a year-as such he is more than deserving of being king of the money hill for his personal efforts.)

Dreams of making good money by becoming a tutor going into active overdrive within your mind now? Nothing wrong to fantasize, but ask yourself if you have what it takes to bring in a 5 figure sum in a single month.

1. Reputation

To become a major player on the tutoring scene, you definitely require a solid personal reputation. Generous and irrefutably positive love from communities of parents/students both online and offline to be more precise. And this can only be achieved after many years of slaving away and showing the world that you can truly teach as well as deliver results. It is not about loud, in your face advertising. Anyone with a little cash to spare can do that. Anyone can claim he/she is the best in teaching a certain subject. We seen too many of such braggarts. Question is, are you a tutor of genuine ability? Or are you a quack trying to make a quick buck by pretending to be someone you are not? Crap do not last too long in an extremely discerning, well-informed and connected society like ours.

2. Perseverance

Almost every popular tutor started out as an unknown with just one or two students. You will be earning paltry amounts in the very beginning as you set out to establish a name for yourself. Rome wasn't built in a day. Can you endure extremely lean periods (which could last for months or even years at end) without calling it quits just because money isn't rolling in?

3. Passion

If you are in the tutoring business just for the money, you will never succeed. Tutors who are financially successful beyond their wildest dreams love and embrace what they do whole-heartedly, which is to educate the eager young minds of tomorrow. Becoming rich is a sweet consequence of their zeal and sincere drive.

4. Charisma

For heaven's sake stop picturing a slippery conman with the gift of the gab; toss that image away. It's about endearing yourself to the ones you tutor. If your presence ignites joy and enthusiasm into acquiring knowledge from what would otherwise be seen as an absolutely dull, dry subject, congratulations-you possess charisma. And charisma isn't easy to come by. (Some may even go as far as saying charisma is something magical which cannot be cultivated; either you have it in you, or you are just born a bore). Why do you think so many students fall asleep during lectures?

5. Earning Strategy

Group tuition or 1-1? Your call, whichever floats your boat. Group tuition allows for lower rates per student, as your profits are scored on volume. Then again, you want the crowds to flock to you yes? So its back to mastering point number one. More attractive rates can be pegged to 1-1 tuition, as the student is accorded all the attention he/she needs during the entire lesson. Why are some willing to fork out more than a hundred per hour without skipping a heartbeat, yet others are determined to find more "economically viable" options upon hearing a tutor's fee quotations? Market forces (supply and demand) aside, it's once more about point number one. Hold on, reread points three and four as well.

This is why for every extremely successful tutor, there are probably ten who did not make it. Or more.

The Czar (Site Founder)

Dated 30 April 2014