Start Maths revision early for the best results!

(This post by Mr William Wu first appeared on his Maths tutoring website on 6 January 2014. It is reproduced with permission.)

By William Wu

Maths is a subject that requires students to start revision / practice early!

It needs consistent practice and last minute studying is not going to work well!

Many students have the wrong concept that they can start practising questions one or two months before the O Levels. The problem is, without constant practice, the questions from the Ten Year Series would be too difficult for students to even begin attempting the questions! This is especially true for Additional Mathematics. This leads to panic and is not the desired study strategy. This is the main reason why it is possible to score very low (less than 20 marks out of 100) in Maths, if the student does not have solid foundation or has lack of practice. To avoid this scenario, start practicing and revising Maths now! Many students already start studying / learning in advance during the December holidays. January is still a good time to start! As the Chinese proverb states: “一年之计在于春一日之计在于晨”, the best time to begin planning for a task is in Spring.

Also, the current 'O' Level Maths is not like the 'O' Levels of the past! Due to higher education standards nowadays, and competition from foreigners (especially China students whose pet subjects are Maths and Chinese), the bell curve for E Maths has shifted very very much to the right. Rumours have it that 90 marks or more is now necessary for a guaranteed A1 in E Maths.

On the bright side, it is very possible to improve significantly in Maths with sufficient practice. Look at the Mathematics questions in the 'O' Levels, one long question is worth around 10 marks. Answering that one question correctly would have boosted your score by 10 marks (2 grades). Answering two long questions correctly will boost score by a whopping 20 marks!

Hesitate no longer! Start revising for your Maths now!

About The Author

Mr William Wu is a full time Mathematics tutor who was previously from Raffles Institution and graduated from the National University of Singapore with a First Class Honours degree in Mathematics. He has been teaching since 2006.

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