Recommended 'O' Level Maths assessment books

(These set of recommendations by Mathematics tutor Mr Goh Joo Heng first appeared here on Domain of Singapore Tutoring Experts on 15 January 2014)

Mentor Additional Maths published by Shing Lee is a good A Maths assessment book to prepare students for their 'O' Levels. It consists of revision notes and examples, which come in handy when students need to revise for exams. The book also contains practice questions ranging from basic, intermediate to advanced levels. If students can complete the basic questions, passing the 'O' Levels would not be an issue . If they can successfully attempt all intermediate level questions, they are likely to score at least a B3, maybe even A2. Those who can conquer the advanced level questions certainly can score a distinction and be well prepared for JC maths.

The book is sufficient on its own and a good tutor can teach a student previously with no A Maths background based on the book's contents. The practice questions are accompanied with complete step by step solutions and covers all sec 3 and sec 4 topics, based on the latest A Maths 4047 syllabus. It can be purchased at Popular bookstores for less than S$15.

"Longman Complete Guide to 'O' Level Mathematics" provides comprehensive notes for all Sec 1 to 4 topics that will be examined in the latest 'O' level syllabus 4016. It also provides study tips, examination tips and explains in depth how examinations are marked. Students looking for more practice questions can get the 'Examination Papers 'O ' Level Mathematics or the ten year series version. The guide can be bought at a discount from

"Examination Papers 'O ' Level Mathematics" consists of 7 sets of examinations papers set according to the latest 'O' level syllabus 4016. Questions are of similar standard to ' O' level. One good way for practising for 'O' level is to do the ten year series by topics, then do the sets of examination papers in this book in exam-like conditions.The guide can be bought at a discount from