Nanyang Technological University (NTU),

Anderson Junior College (AJC)


B Eng ( 1st Class Honours )

Full time private tutor

'A' Level H2 F Maths Tuition,

'A' Level H2 Maths Tuition

Math Distinction

5000B Laguna Park, Marine Parade Rd, Singapore 449285


I am good at explaining complicated maths concepts clearly to students. Students who do not understand what their JC lecturers spend teaching in a week, can often understand what I deliver in a 2 hours session. A JC 2 student gave up the entire sequence and series module in JC 1 because he could not understand what his lecturer was teaching. After a 2 hour session with me, he understood the concepts and could begin solving higher level questions. Another student failed his common test so badly that the school called up the parent. After receiving tuition for 3 months, he scored 77 marks (A grade) in his mid year exams.

My instructional approach is to facilitate the teaching of concepts with examples, and have students demonstrate their understanding by solving questions during the tuition lessons. Students are then given homework, to practise questions starting from basic, intermediate before proceeding to advanced levels.

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