I left MOE not because of money.

While many might think school teachers venture into private tutoring simply because it pays better, renowned H2 chemistry tutor (and also former MOE teacher) who goes by the online moniker BedokFunland JC aka UltimaOnline did so because of a different set of considerations. Here he cites the chief push factor behind his resignation, and also goes on to leave a sombre reminder to the dreamy wannabes who think private tutoring will surely make one rich:

"I had over a dozen reasons why I left MOE, but money wasn't one of the top 12 reasons.

One important reason I left MOE, was health / medical reasons. I have several medical conditions, and the ongoing, never-ending, perpetual sleep deprivation (which most students and teachers continue to suffer from) was exacerbating my medical problems. If I was the Minister of Education, I will insist that all schools start no earlier than 11am. Sleep deprivation lowers students IQ, and if all students had just an hour more sleep than they do, I guarantee you the national 'O' and 'A' level results would see a significant improvement.

As for private tuition, some make millions per year from it, while others struggle to barely survive. So it's impossible to say whether you'll make more money from being a private tutor, or from rising up the ranks within MOE. Even within MOE, some HODs in some schools get paid more than some Principals in some other schools. There is a wide variance in pay within MOE, and the income variance is even wider as a private tutor. "


The Czar (Site Founder)

Dated 6 December 2013


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