Immediate actions I wish MOE would undertake

There was quite a bit of excitement stirring amongst Singaporeans after Senior Minister of State (Law and Education) Miss Indranee Rajah stated in parliament last month that our education system is “run on the basis that tuition is not necessary”. Netizen who goes by the moniker pirate on the KiasuParents Forum feels the Ministry of Education (MOE) is trying its best and can't please everybody, though some immediate policy manoeuvres would be greatly appreciated:

"Oh, I think MOE is aware of the problems and is moving in the right direction. The problem is that changes cannot be made overnight, and no matter what MOE does, there will always be resistance from parents whose children's competitive advantages will be impacted by the changes.

My wish for immediate MOE attention is to further reduce the competitive advantage students can get from rote learning. Rote learning (apart from such things like spelling and how to write Chinese characters) is a largely useless and irrelevant skill that is disproportionately rewarded at younger levels, especially PSLE.

I also wish for streaming to be done later, and for more pathways of mobility between streams.

Lastly, I wish that there will be enough tertiary places for students who actually qualify for higher education, instead of having tertiary places limited to a certain x% of each cohort.

More so than in other service industries, the tuition industry is successfully self-regulating, in that if the students/parents (increasingly demanding these days) do not quickly see satisfactory improvement in results, they will simply drop the tutor / tuition center, and move on to the next one, until they are satisfied with results.


The Czar (Site Founder)

Dated 6 October 2013


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