"I charge my fees on a per session, not per hour basis."

Full time 'O' Level tutor Mr Javier Pang who goes by the online moniker Savioursix feels charging lesson fees on a per session rather than hourly basis does more justice to the ones who are truly committed to helping students improve their grades. Here's why:

" To me, there are 2 kinds of private tutors in the market. One who is purely in it for the money and the other who is genuinely there to help.

For those who is purely for the money, it is justifiable to charge based on per hour basis since they are exchanging time for money.

However, to those who is genuinely there to help your child, they will spend any amount of time just to make sure the concept is brought across to your child. Will they charge you overtime? Often, they do not. And i say this is dedication.

This is why i charge my fee according to per-session basis. For example, i may prepare materials for a 2-hour session. However if it takes 3-hour for this particular student to understand, it is my responsibility to do so.

Moreover, some full-time tutors spend time and effort to customize notes, tutorials and worksheets for student to enhance their learning experience. As a parent, do you pay their time according to per-hour basis for the preparation work too? Very very very unlikely.

Let's put up 2 scenarios, would you pay a tutor a rate of $50 for 2 hours if you sense that the tutor is only in it for the money OR would you pay a dedicated tutor a higher fee per session? That's for you to decide.


Javier Pang is a full time tutor specializing in GCE O-Level (A/E Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry) syllabus. He currently holds a NUS bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering with Honors. Thank You Javier; your sharing is most appreciated.

The Czar (Site Founder)

Dated 28 September 2013


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