Enrichment classes for children: Waste of money?

A netizen going by the moniker klarklar posed a question really worth pondering over late last week in an online forum. It goes as such:

" I think education is a good business to venture into. Many parents are more willing to spend on their kids than on themselves. In addition, government is also willing to spend on education. Many education businesses can simply make money off government grants and the willingness of parents to spend."

But I would like to ask everyone here a question. Do you really think these enrichment classes that you send your kids to really enrich them? It is guaranteed that they will impoverish the parents. But do they really benefit your kids?

My own experience is that if the kid has no interest in the topic, sending them to enrichment classes is 100% pouring money down the drain. Even if the kid has interest, it is so much easier to find cheaper or even free resources on the internet.

What is your opinion, particularly your actual experience? "

Reproduced below are two meaningful responses.

Netizen Aromilk had this to say:

" From experience as a parent of a 4 yo boy.

If you think enrichment classes are simply "outsourced" tasks done by the teachers. you will be disappointed to know that your kid would not benefit much from them. Parents should be involved in their learning process.

And besides, enrichment classes also provide an opportunity for you to know more about your kiddo, his strengths, weaknesses and also a chance to bond together.

Don't force ur child if he hates the activity."

Netizen Jwee85 advises:

"Let me teach you one very simple fact to determine its a waste of money or not.

After attending a few lessons.......look at your kids.....is he/she doing the assignment given happily? Is the kid always excited to go to the classes each week?

If yes....then money well spent.

If its a drag for the kids.......better to stop.....and look for another enrichment class. Most of the time its the teacher and friends who make the learning fun.

In general enrichment classes are good and necessary. But choose and change until the kids are happy with it. Then your money will be well spent!! "


The Czar (Site Founder)

Dated 17 September 2013