'A' Levels are coming, and I feel like a loser. (Response A)

This query comes from a student:

I am from SRJC, and this week we got back most of our prelim results. Things look pretty bad (ok real bad actually); I got 3 Us and an E, with a D grade for GP. I know the A-levels are approximately 2 months away, but all these months of endless studying since the beginning of the year has worn me out so much I can't find any strength in me to continue. I have also been crying a lot lately. Please do advise on what I should do; I feel like a total loser.

The Response:

Yes JC can certainly be a pain in the butt. Sometimes I think of it as like the cartoon that I have attached. Other students go through what you are going through, so don't think there is necessarily anything wrong with you. Sometimes the schools make the prelims harder than the actual A'Levels. I'd say don't give up. Spend a reasonable effort on your subjects till the end of the year but don't overdo it. Concentrate on the basic concepts and simple questions - make sure you can get the easy points. Get plenty of sleep and make sure you have time each week where you can relax a little and do something fun.

JC is heavily weighted towards mathematics and science, but actually most people end up doing different things with their lives. Think about what would you like to do after JC - if you could pick whatever career you wanted. Sometimes there are times in your life where you figure out what you don't want to do. And that might mean you have to search in different directions to find out what you would prefer doing.

Hope this helps.

Dr Daniel Milton Oman

(Senior Councilor: May 2013 - December 2018)

Answered On 10 September 2013