'A' Levels are coming, and I feel like a loser. (Response B)

This query comes from a student:

I am from SRJC, and this week we got back most of our prelim results. Things look pretty bad (ok real bad actually); I got 3 Us and an E, with a D grade for GP. I know the A-levels are approximately 2 months away, but all these months of endless studying since the beginning of the year has worn me out so much I can't find any strength in me to continue. I have also been crying a lot lately. Please do advise on what I should do; I feel like a total loser.

The Response:


Failure in Prelims don't have to stop you cold. Get genuinely trained (Those that have been trained in, and analyzed the UCLES Cambridge Examiners Report since 2007) and experienced personnel to evaluate your mastery in the various subjects, so that you may know and address what is really wrong and critically undermining your performance

The world is watching you now, and you cannot doubt nor waver, because you chose this path. You have run into a wall, but now is not the time to give up now.

Alot of things are current. Even if you are currently the last one among the trail of runners moving in a marathon race, you're still way ahead than those (including some skeptics) who didn't step up for the run. The following is a pic that my wife chose for you:

Duncan Ang

(Senior Councilor: May 2013 - December 2020)

Answered On 11 September 2013