Teacher labels students as 'hopeless' and wishes they'll 'self destruct': Afterthoughts of a former insider

Frustration and Facebook are indeed lovers, just look at this post by a school teacher:

Scumbag? Or unsung hero worthy of praise for showing us "the truth hurts" ? We shouldn't be too quick to judge.

A former school teacher who goes by the online moniker JetGrey steps forward with a measured, relatively unbiased (naturally some may feel otherwise) response:

"Teaching is now no longer a career that one decides he or she really wants to do. A lot of teachers are teaching because they cannot find any other career. Hence, you get such teachers.

Next, people will say.. Why can't MOE screen the teachers properly before selecting them? Truth is, MOE are so desperate for teachers, it's hard for them to reject people who, at first glance, look suitable. If they don't take in more new teachers, who's going to replace all the teachers who are retiring, resigning, breaking bond, etc.. Just that out of all these new teachers that come in every year, only about 10% of them have the passion to teach.

I was one of that 10% who had the passion to teach. I wanted to help students, provide them with that springboard to their future. I became a teacher. After 2 months in a school, with all the backend job involved, I realised that I don't even have time for my students. I wanted to help my sec 5 students for their o levels, but with meetings and excursions and what have you, I can't even spare one hour for them. I became disillusioned and I quit, breaking my bond and paying back the $115k that MOE spent on me.

Now, I'm a tutor with a tuition center. With no nonsense work to do, I really spend the time with the students, helping them with their studies, giving them life advice along the way. Then I realised.. Teaching in a school just isn't it for me. But here, at the tuition center, I feel like I'm fulfilling my passion without any strings attached."

Thank You JetGrey; your sharing is most appreciated.

The Czar (Site Founder)

Dated 28 February 2013


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