IMPORTANT: Submission Guidelines And Instructions

Seeking only Full Time Graduate tutors to register in our premier database. Parents shall be able to contact you directly. No middleman, no agent, no commission charged.


(i) Preferably an alumnus of RI, HCI, VJC, TJC, NJC or ACJC.

(ii) Possess a degree/about to graduate from SMU, NTU or NUS (Ivy league university and top UK/Ox-Bridge graduates are more than welcome).

(iii) Either a full time private tutor or school teacher.

(iv) Possess considerably extensive tutoring experience.

(v) Having a personal tuition website (maturely developed) to showcase one's teaching skill sets shall be favored (although optional).

Note: High caliber part time tutors, as well as outstanding university graduates who previously studied in the local polytechnics or in junior colleges not mentioned above shall be considered on a case-by-case basis. Suitably qualified foreigners who have settled permanently in Singapore and till date sufficiently demonstrated expertise in professional tutoring will not be disregarded; however they shall be subjected to equally stringent screening.

Those who seek to get listed on this site, you shall be required to make an application comprising the following:

1. Sign up and make payment for a Listing Plan.

2. Thereafter, please head over to the Application Form Page and make a submission of your full tutoring profile. Ensure all required fields have been properly filled out, and necessary documentation attached accordingly.

Things you MUST take note of before commencing:

1. Incomplete applications (including those without prior payment being made) shall not be entertained. We regret to state that only successful applicants will be notified. Our decision is final, no contesting/appealing is allowed.

2. A full review/consideration of a properly done up submission will take anywhere between 1 to 4 weeks. There shall be no refund of listing fees regardless of application outcome.

3. Any individual tutor with a live listing subsequently found to be engaged in intentional acts of dishonesty (regarding the supplement of information) or professional misconduct shall be struck off the site immediately without any explanation provided on our part.

Note: If you are still unsure about any part of the application process, DO NOT PROCEED. Get in touch with your queries HERE.