Disagreement From A Parent's POV

A well-meaning parent stated her stand:

"IMO, graduates from HCI and RI (and even from ivy league universities) do not necessarily make good tutors; I believe that as a matter of fact, teachers or even ex-teachers make better tutors. Your premise is somewhat flawed in thinking that only Rafflesians and Hwachongians make better tutors. Good students do not necessarily make good tutors.

Believe me, I have nothing against these 2 JCs since my 2 kids are from RI and HCI."

The Response:

"There is no premise that is completely flawless, and I did not assert that Raffesians and HwaChongians make better tutors (some obviously don't), but rather from my interactions with students many felt brand name school graduates inspire more confidence for starters. First impression matters wouldn't you agree?

That is also why not everybody coming through the door will be accepted; they must have accumulated substantial teaching experience with positive testimonials. A personal tutoring website (which is well received) would indicate a certain amount of passion and enthusiasm for teaching. If the applicants themselves come across as being dubious or evasive in their presentation of credentials, interviews may be required to ascertain their competency.

In the future, when things take flight, we shall be consider installing higher order feedback systems within the site to enable parents/students make better informed decisions."

The Czar (Site Founder)

Dated 12 April 2012