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Student loan debt has teachers turning to porn to pay it all off

Within weeks, two Missouri teachers were discovered to have had accounts on the OnlyFans platform

The former Missouri teacher who resigned after school administrators found out about her OnlyFans account told Fox News Digital she's made close to $1 million by selling adult content on the website.

By Adam Sabes

Some teachers are quitting their jobs and turning to porn to pay off their student loan debt, which exceeds $50,000 on average.

Two teachers from the same high school in Missouri were placed on leave after their bosses found out the educators were operating OnlyFans accounts. Both said paying off student loan debt was one of their top reasons for selling racy content.

Brianna Coppage was an English teacher at St. Clair High School when administrators pulled her into a meeting in September and asked if she was secretly running an account on OnlyFans.

"They specifically said they got a report from an adult in the Sullivan School District, and they asked, do I have any other income streams, like outside of teaching? And I said, ‘Yes, I do have an OnlyFans.’ They asked how long I had been doing it, if it was during my own time or … anything at school, which I told them," she told Fox News Digital.

Brianna Coppage, 28, a former English teacher at St. Clair High School, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch she was put on leave after an interview with two administrators. (Brianna Coppage/Instagram/Facebook / Fox News)

Coppage said her work on OnlyFans was "completely separate" from her professional life at school, where she made $42,000. She said the account was opened to help pay down student loans from her advanced education degrees.

Weeks after being placed on leave, Coppage decided to resign. Since opening the OnlyFans account over the summer, Coppage claimed in an interview with Fox News Digital to have made nearly $1 million.

A second English teacher at the same Missouri high school was also placed on leave Oct. 27 after her bosses found out she was also running an OnlyFans account.

Full story at Fox News Digital (November 2023)

Students and parents demand answers after at least two high schools hand out wrong paper in VCE Chinese exam

At least two high schools handed out the wrong exam paper to Chinese Second Language Advanced students. (AAP Image)

By Jenny Cai and Ning Pan

Students and parents are calling for more transparency and adequate solutions from the VCE authority after at least two high schools gave Chinese language students the wrong exam paper this week.

Some students who were meant to take the Chinese Second Language Advanced (SLA) exam were given papers for the Chinese as a Second Language (SL) exam — a significantly easier level — which is due to be held next Wednesday.

Multiple sources told the ABC the students affected have been asked to sign a confidentiality agreement to not share details of the exam before November 16.

However, several insiders with knowledge of the exam have confirmed that at least one of the essay questions and details of some listening exercises have already been leaked online and are being circulated on Reddit and Chinese social media sites.

There has also been no explanation from the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) as to how those students who have received the easier paper will be graded, causing concern they will be graded the same way as students who received the correct papers.

The ABC has emailed the VCAA detailed questions including how they will handle the leak of the exam questions, but haven't received a response to the concerns.

"On Monday, two schools contacted the VCAA to report that they had inadvertently administered the wrong Chinese Language examination. Six students were affected," the spokesperson said.

Full story at ABC News (November 2023)

3 Jewish students sue New York University over antisemitism response

By Celina Tebor

Three students says New York University in Manhattan is not listening to Jewish students complaining about acts of antisemitism. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

(CNN) — Three Jewish students are suing New York University over its alleged failure to enforce its anti-discrimination policies, claiming their civil rights were violated over the university’s handling of discrimination and harassment against Jewish students, according to court documents.

Bella Ingber, Sabrina Maslavi and Saul Tawil – each a junior attending NYU – allege in the civil action filed Tuesday that NYU created a hostile educational environment that subjected them and other Jewish students to “pervasive acts of hatred, discrimination, harassment, and intimidation” in violation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The suit claims there has been a “steadily increasing incidence of antisemitic attacks at NYU” over the past 10 years and says the university has failed to enforce its own policies to protect Jewish students.

The students “have been forced to run a campus gauntlet of verbal and physical harassment, threats, and intimidation” and claims their complaints have been “ignored, slow-walked, or met with gaslighting by NYU administrators” since the October 7 Hamas terror attacks in Israel, the lawsuit claims.

One of the incidents described in the lawsuit occurred on the night of October 17. The claim says Tawil was returning on his bicycle from a demonstration in Washington Square Park when he saw several people who were facing a “screaming woman” on the steps of a campus building. He stopped and told one of the people to not engage. A crowd gathered and, according to the complaint, several men wearing keffiyehs – traditional Middle Eastern scarves – moved very close to another man “as if they were going to attack.”

The lawsuit says: “Tawil moved behind a truck on the sidewalk to videotape the harassment. One of the men approached Tawil, screamed that ‘you have my f—— face on film,’ and forced him to open his phone’s camera roll and delete the video. Tawil did so, and the man then yelled in Tawil’s face, ‘get the f— out of here you dirty f—— Jew.’ Tawil got on his bike and fled.”

Full story at CNN (November 2023)

‘Indonesian high school student gives birth while sitting her final-semester exam

• Students at SMA Negeri 1 high school at Sampang on Madura island were taking a final-semester exam when there was a commotion among the students

• The teacher supervising the exam warned the students to calm down, “but they were still noisy and it was followed by the sound of a baby crying”

A student at SMA Negeri 1 high school at Sampang on Madura island has given birth while sitting a final-semester exam. Photo: Facebook/Ikatan Alumni Smansa Sampang

An Indonesian grade 10 student has given birth suddenly during an exam, causing a stir among teachers and other examinees.

Indonesia news website Detikjatim reported on Friday that students at SMA Negeri 1 high school at Sampang on Madura island were taking a final-semester exam when there was a commotion among the students.

Muhammad Nurchalid, the teacher supervising the exam on Thursday, said that when he heard the noise, “I warned the students to calm down, but they were still noisy and it was followed by the sound of a baby crying”.

On closer inspection, he said, “it turned out that a student was covered in blood, with a baby beside her”.

Nurchalid then contacted a female teacher and the school’s public relations officer, and the student was taken to a community health centre for medical help.

“However, because the baby’s placenta didn’t come out, and the condition of the baby’s mother was unstable, she was finally referred to Dr Mohammad Zyn Sampang Regional Hospital,” he explained.

The teacher and the student’s family said they were shocked by the incident as there had been no signs the student was pregnant.

Full story at South China Morning Post (December 2023)

At Least 15 Dead in Czech Republic After Shooting at Prague University

The police said the suspect, who also died, first shot his father in a town outside Prague and then continued his rampage at the university.

People huddled at Charles University in Prague on Thursday night. Credit: Petr David Josek/Associated Press

By Andrew Higgins, Jenny Gross and Aric Toler

Fourteen people were killed and more than 20 others wounded in a shooting rampage at Charles University in the Czech Republic on Thursday, the authorities said. The gunman, a 24-year-old student in world history at the university, also killed himself after the shooting spree in central Prague.

The police say they believe he first killed his father in their family home in a village near the town of Kladno, outside of Prague, Ondrej Moravcik, a spokesman for the Czech police, said in an interview. Some of the injured were in critical condition, he added.

The gunman was partly identified by the police as David K. European police officials often give only a first name and last initial for privacy reasons. Speaking at a news conference in Prague, the chief of the national police force, Martin Vondrasek, said the assailant “got inspired by a similar terrible event abroad.” He did not specify where.

But the authorities said they did not believe that the gunman’s actions were connected to international or domestic terrorism.

Radek Simik, an associate professor in linguistics at Charles University, said he was in the middle of a lesson in his classroom on the first floor when he and his five students heard shouting coming from the corridor.

“We thought it was a drunk guy or a rioter or something,” he said. As the sound got louder, he realized it was the authorities saying: “Police! Get out!” Then, a few minutes later, the shooting started, and he and his students rushed out of the building.

“The shooting continued when we were standing outside of the building,” he said. He and his students watched the police carry out the injured and others who appeared to be dead, he said.

The authorities were investigating whether violent, expletive-laden Russian-language messages posted on Telegram under the name David Kozak were connected to the gunman, the police chief added. One message said that two mass shootings in Russia had provided inspiration — one this month at a school in Bryansk near the border with Ukraine and the second in 2021 in Kazan, capital of the Russian region of Tatarstan.

Full story at New York Times (December 2023)

Achieve top grades or face being kicked out of UK, student visa migrants to be told

James Cleverly asks migration committee to review graduate plan as part of bid to reduce net migration by 300,000 from record-high levels

By Charles Hymas

James Cleverly, the Home Secretary, has pledged to bring down net migration Credit: Hannah McKay/Reuters

Foreign students could be barred from staying in the UK on two-year graduate visas if they fail to achieve high enough grades, the government’s top adviser has said.

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has been asked by James Cleverly, the Home Secretary, to review the graduate visa as part of a five-point plan to reduce net migration by 300,000 from its record-high levels.

More than 98,000 students were granted the two-year visas to remain in the UK after their graduation in the year to June 2023, an increase of 42,000 or 74 per cent in just a year.

Fewer than one in 100 (0.7 per cent) of those who applied after completing their initial UK course were refused.

There are fears that it is being used as a backdoor route to work in the UK, often in low-skilled jobs, or simply to stay for two years as there is no requirement to take up employment.

Professor Brian Bell, chairman of the MAC, said: “There’s no requirement to get particular grades in your university course or anything like that.

“That’s the question we want to review in the graduate route to think about whether that’s sensible or whether you should have a rule that says you have to achieve a certain grade or a certain kind of achievement in your course.”

Professor Bell said his committee would also investigate whether there should be further restrictions which would only allow foreign students to stay in the UK if they went to certain universities or completed specified courses. It could also be limited to certain types of jobs or activities.

“At the moment, there’s no restriction on what you can do. You can, if you’ve got the money, just sit around and do nothing in the UK for two years. You can also take a minimum wage job or you can take a very highly paid job.”

Full story at The Telegraph (December 2023)

Sixth-grader killed and five people wounded in Iowa high school shooting

Investigators believe suspect died of self-inflicted gunshot wound, and at least one of the victims is a school administrator

Police respond to a shooting at Perry middle school and high school on 4 January. Photograph: Cheney Orr/Reuters

By Richard Luscombe

Police said that a 17-year-old suspect killed a sixth grader and wounded five others in a shooting early Thursday at a high school in the small town of Perry, Iowa.

The suspect was identified as Dylan Butler, a 17-year-old student at Perry high school, officials said at a news briefing on Thursday afternoon. He was found dead with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound by responding officers.

Police also discovered an improvised explosive device when searching the high school, Mitch Mortvedt, an assistant director with the state department of criminal investigation, told reporters.

Members of the state fire marshal’s office and the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives rendered the device safe.

Four of the wounded victims are students, and the fifth is a school administrator, said Mortvedt, who declined to release any names. Another school district, Easton Valley Community, issued a statement saying it had received word that Dan Marburger, the high school principal, had been shot in the attack.

One victim was in critical condition but did not appear to be facing life-threatening injuries, Mortvedt said, while the other four were in stable condition.

Full story at the Guardian (January 2024)

FTC slaps Grand Canyon University with lawsuit for alleged deceptive ads, illegal telemarketing

Lawsuit follows $37M fine from Dept. of Education

By Jon Brown

The Phoenix, Arizona-based Grand Canyon University (GCU), is being sued by the Federal Trade Commission for allegedly engaging in illegal telemarketing and deceiving students about its nonprofit status and doctoral program. | Grand Canyon University

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) slapped Grand Canyon University (GCU) with a lawsuit last week alleging the school deceived students and engaged in illegal telemarketing practices, though the school is refuting the claims and maintains that the federal government is singling them out.

The FTC announced in a press release last Wednesday that it filed a complaint in federal court against GCU, its marketer Grand Canyon Education, Inc. (GCE) and its President and CEO Brian Mueller for allegedly deceiving students about the costs of its doctoral program and its nonprofit status.

The complaint also claims that GCE violated the FTC Act and the Telemarketing Sales Rule by illegally contacting people who specifically asked not to be called.

The FTC's lawsuit came months after the Department of Education on Oct. 31 levied the largest fine in its history against GCU, which boasts approximately 120,000 students and is the largest Christian university in the U.S.

The department alleged that the school misrepresented the cost of its doctoral programs on its website by advertising that they cost $40,000 to $49,000 when less than 2% of graduates completed their course of study within that price range. Required "continuation courses" often tacked an additional $10,000 to $12,000 onto the final cost, the department said at the time.

Full story at The Christian Post (January 2024)

Bay area teacher sues Department of Education for pronoun use restriction

Katie Wood is one of the plaintiffs. The name ‘Ms. Wood’ was written on the board of her math class last year, but this year the title ‘Ms.’ Is gone. (Spectrum Bay News 9/Saundra Weathers)

By Saundra Weathers

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. — A new Florida law that prohibits educators and students from being required to use pronouns that are different from a person’s sex assigned at birth is being challenged in a federal lawsuit.

Several educators are listed as the plaintiffs in that suit, including one here in the Bay area.

Katie Wood is one of the plaintiffs. The name ‘Ms. Wood’ was written on the board of her math class last year, but this year the title ‘Ms.’ Is gone.

“Before this law was put into place, everyone could call me Ms. Wood. Now everyone can call me, but me. That’s the law and so it’s not benefitting anyone, my kids can still call me Ms. The only thing it’s doing is restricting what I can call myself and its demoralizing. It’s dehumanizing,” Wood said.

The law Wood is referring to is a Florida Statute focusing on personal titles and pronouns in schools. It affects teachers like Wood who is a transgender woman.

“If they see me use Ms. Wood on my board or if I’m referring to myself as Ms. Wood when I get a new student, that’s me breaking the law in that moment and I can get fired. They already know that I’m trans,” said Wood. “I already told them before I took a job at Leonard.”

Wood said the new law that prohibits teachers from using their preferred pronouns is unconstitutional. So she, along with a few others, filed a federal lawsuit against the state department of education.

Full story at Spectrum Bay News 9 (January 2024)

Students at Raac schools fear they are 'kissing top grades goodbye'

Nicola Cook's son fears he is "kissing his A*s goodbye" because of Raac disruption at his school

By Hazel Shearing

Pupils at schools in England that are partially closed because of dangerous concrete say the disruption has left them fearing for their futures.

Students have been unable to access design and technology work rooms, laboratories and other specialist spaces since September due to Raac.

Some have had to switch courses months before their GCSEs and miss out on required science experiments - but the government says it will not change exams as a result.

Nicola Cook said her son, a Year 13 student at St Leonard's Catholic School in Durham, told her he was "kissing his A*s goodbye" and was worried he would not get the necessary grades for his chosen university.

"It's really heartbreaking," she said.

"I just have no answers. I can't solve the problem myself as one parent - none of us can."

Ms Cook's son moved to the school because of its provision for pupils with special education needs and disabilities (SEND), which are now not matching her expectations.

She said the school had done an "outstanding job", but the situation is "as bad as you can imagine, and then worse.

"We need the government to come together and to really understand what the impact of this is."

Full story at BBC News (January 2024)

Bill Ackman pledges AI plagiarism-checks at MIT, Business Insider

By Ernestas Naprys

Image by Shutterstock

AI anti-plagiarism checks may light academia’s roof on fire. In a circle of retribution, billionaire American hedge fund manager Bill Ackman vowed to conduct a plagiarism review of MIT, Harvard, and even the work of the reporters and staff of Business Insider, after two articles accused his wife, academic Neri Oxman, of copying Wikipedia.

William (Bill) Ackman, himself a Harvard alumnus, was one of the strongest advocates for Harvard President Claudine Gay's resignation, accusing Gay of antisemitism and plagiarism. In response to allegations, the first Black Harvard president resigned on January 2nd.

Two days later, Business Insider (BI) found “a similar pattern of plagiarism by Ackman’s wife, Oxman,” who is a former MIT professor, famous architect, and designer. Oxman had no part in the controversy surrounding academia other than being Ackman’s wife.

On X, Oxman apologized for missing quotation marks on four paragraphs from her 330-page PhD dissertation.

Then BI expanded accusations with additional instances of the copied text and an illustration “from more than a dozen Wikipedia articles without attribution” in “a thorough review of her published work.”

Now Ackman accuses BI of leaving no time to properly respond to allegations and “some of the worst forms of journalism.”

“There has been no due process. Neri Oxman was given 90 minutes to respond to a 7,000-word plagiarism allegation before Business Insider published a piece saying she was a plagiarist,” posted Ackman. “Business Insider posted their story one hour and 32 minutes after the reporter’s 12-page email was sent.”

However, while on the clock, believing that MIT may be behind the attack, Ackman posted his pledge to launch a review of all current MIT faculty members, President Sally Kornbluth, board members, and other officers according to MIT's own plagiarism standards.

Full story at CyberNews (January 2024)

Teacher had sex with teenager while other students acted as lookouts, police say

The former educator was arrested in Texas on several felony counts

By Michelle Del Rey

Hailey Clifton-Carmack worked as a mathematics teacher at Laquey High School.

A Missouri schoolteacher has been arrested after she allegedly had sex with a 16-year-old student on campus grounds and used other pupils as “lookouts”.

Authorities say that Hailey Clifton-Carmack, who taught math at Laquey High School in Pulaski County, was arrested in Texas this week on felony charges of endangering the welfare of a child, statutory rape, sexual contact with a student and child molestation.

Her bond has been set at $250,000 as officials work out her extradition back to Missouri.

Officials were first alerted to the relationship by another student who had come forward to report it. The student involved in the relationship allegedly showed them photos of scratches on his back that he said came from interactions with Ms Clifton-Carmack.

The student described the teacher as being “too close with students”. According to court documents, the Superintendent of Laquey Schools, and the high school’s principal had known about the teacher’s behaviour before it was reported.

In December, officials obtained a search warrant to go through the teacher’s phone. An officer who served the warrant said Ms Clifton-Carmack “handed over her phone with no issues and did not have the normal behaviour of someone facing the same accusations.”

At the time, the woman denied engaging in inappropriate relationships with students.

Still, when officials obtained a warrant to go through the contents of the device, they said the teacher refused to give them her password at the advice of her attorney. Once officials broke through the electronic security system, they discovered a conversation between Ms Clifton-Carmack and the student in question discussing their relationship.

Full story at The Independent (January 2024)