The PAP's decision to abolish streaming in schools finally came 30 years later

By Dr Chee Soon Juan

Even before I had entered politics when I was still teaching at NUS, I had been calling out the harm that streaming does to children and education system.

Since then, SDP has repeatedly called for the practice to be scrapped: “Under the SDP’s education plan…students entering secondary school will not be streamed."

30 years later, the PAP finally has its eureka! moment when Educational Minister Chan Chun Sing said in Parliament this week that streaming would be done away with by 2024.

(Actually, Ong Ye Kung announced this in 2019 but added that students will be grouped in bands instead. Same difference. But it's a matter for discussion another time.)

The point is that they’ve repeatedly played catch-up in policy formulation that would prepare Singapore for the future.

Intellectual heft among its leaders? Not much there.

The one thing that the PAP govt has going for it is enormous state resources that it taps into to propagate the myth that it is a party of the future.

Don’t fall for this, Singapore.

This first appeared as a post on the Facebook wall of Dr Chee Soon Juan on 10 March 2022. Do join in the discussion over there if you have thoughts to share.


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