2021 Domain of Singapore Tutoring Experts' List of "Exotic" Public Studying Areas

As an unabating COVID-19 continues to seize most parts of the world by the balls, Singapore included, bopping around once more sans protective gear and social distancing protocols remains foreseeably a pipe dream. Be that as it may, where there's a will to dispel gloom, there's always a way. Like boosting oxygen levels by heading outside (with masks still on pretty please) for your next cram session when you are this close to becoming superfly T.N.T from them recurring home-based learning stretches. Or scarfing down ten happy meals in a heartbeat, something we strongly advise against. Regarding the former, you can always consult our latest trove of carefully picked haunts - save for #4 they don't get any more "bucolic" than these given Singapore's asphaltic proclivities, so here goes:

1.Rochor Canal Fishing Deck

Angler or not, feel alive amidst the ephemeral hair-tousling breeze, salty scent of lapping waters beneath....then splay thyself across one of those clunky, planky thingamajig seats onsite and revel in a sudden surge in revision throughput.

2. Along NAFA Campus 1 @ 80 Bencoolen Street

Be greeted by an eclectic, or should we say electrifying mix of gotta-plonk-myself-down options upon emerging from Bencoolen MRT station via exit A. Go ride a hippo, maybe surf the partial helix - whatever helps rev your noggin.

3. JTC LaunchPad @ One-North

Located right opposite One-North MRT station, the lion city's own Silicon Valley wannabe is currently home to more than 800 fledgling enterprises (housed within 8 nondescript blocks spanning 6.5 hectares). Tables and benches meanwhile dot existing open-air interstices, therefore do amble around for a bit before settling upon a desired locale. Btw, speaking of prime spots, we can't recommend the sole onsite pavilion (installed adjunct to Blk 73, see photos above) enough. Additionally, you could snack at nearby Timbre+, even play some basketball when tedium sets in after hours spent studying ya ass off.

4. Jewel Changi Airport

Along with Changi Airport slipping from pole position to second runner-up in Skytrax's 2021 rankings, this once scintillating jewel of a shopping enclave has lost considerable lustre on the heels of continually slumping passenger numbers; a recent month-long closure to non-flying folks obviously didn't help. Jolly splendid, its loss is the student's gain. So etude heureuse, and do not go gentle into that good night aight?

Remember, always observe proper decorum when studying in these public areas; when you need to walk away, WALK AWAY. Being confrontational is pure stupidity. HAVE FUN, AND GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR TESTS/EXAMS!