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► MOE-OBS Challenge Programme to resume with safe management measures

► Youths discuss their role in driving environmental change for the future

► Three reasons why youths should care about the climate change conferences (aka COP26)

Rice Media

► Singapore Needs To Catch Up In Its Approach To Interdisciplinary Education

► Meet Mui Wan, The Singaporean Who Uprooted Her Family To Open Kindergartens In China

► A Peer Review of TODAY’s Gen Y Speaks Op-Ed ‘I Don’t Want to be Woke’

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The Online Citizen

► Transgender student shares distressing experience of MOE allegedly blocking her HRT treatment

► Transgender student refutes Education Minister Lawrence Wong’s claim on MOE having duty of care “toward every student”

► Teachers, social workers and LGBT groups urge MOE to implement clear policy on supporting transgender students in S’pore schools

► Students petition MOE to stop using device management application on students’ laptops due to privacy and security concerns

► Police arrest three individuals involved in public assembly against anti-LGBT discrimination outside S’pore Ministry of Education

► SG govt says foreign students make up only around 10% of universities’ intake but Times Higher Education rankings shows at least 25 percent in NTU and NUS

► Indian university caught selling 36,000 fake degrees has graduates working in Singapore

► DJ Jade Rasif felt “burnt out” in local school system, hopes for smaller class sizes; netizens raise cost concerns

► MP Louis Ng calls for more transparency, less punitive approach in teachers’ performance appraisal system

► ITE transgender student allegedly “disciplined” for using women’s bathroom, threatened with criminal prosecution if she continues to do so

Coconuts Singapore

► Singapore’s ed ministry suggests trans student learn at home, not school

► Singapore’s schools should show ‘flexibility’ for trans students: minister

► Writer, ‘ally’ to Singapore’s trans youth, on why he protested the MOE

► If there’s any ‘culture war,’ system is to blame, trans student refutes minister

► NUS Dean asks public to stop slagging student author of transphobic op-ed

► Indian teacher called out for copying patriotic Singapore song removes video

► Ngee Ann Poly says it has found students who peed on boys in video

The Raffles Press

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Kiasu Parents

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► NUS investigating sex-for-grades complaint involving 2 staff & former student

► 70 Springdale Primary School students experience 'eye irritation' on same day, cause still unknown

► Hwa Chong student leaves JC 4 months before A-levels despite doing well to pursue passion in poly

► Catholic High School boys fight in toilet as peers watch on

► S'porean mother explains why she pulled daughter out of SAP alma mater for neighbourhood school

► ITE suspends student who kicked fellow youth & asked him to apologise for using the urinal

► 16-year-old student writes ST forum letter saying women should do NS to boost S'pore's birth rate

► NUS defends student 'cyber bullied' after writing commentary asking not to be cancelled

► Ngee Ann Poly identifies students in peeing video, will take disciplinary action

► Male student supposedly from Ngee Ann Poly says being urinated on was consensual