2019 Domain of Singapore Tutoring Experts' List of "Exotic" Public Studying Areas

Yes we know......no libraries (duh), no Starbucks, no Coffee Bean and absolutely no McDonald's. The venue must be equipped with adequate lighting, proper ventilation and feature sufficiently comfortable furniture to entice one into setting up camp for a few solid hours of productive revision. Naturally it goes without saying hushed hushed surroundings matter above all else. Around the island we went once again this year to personally suss out such places; shared below is our shortlist of recommendations where you can study away to your heart's content:

Mandarin Gallery, Levels 2-4

Gold, grey, yellow and red - who can say no to plonking themselves in such vibrantly coloured chairs and couches aggregated in various corners of this four storey luxury shopping mall with hotel installed atop? As a guide, the coast is typically clear on weekday evenings after 7pm save for Fridays, and Sundays after 9pm - so swing by during these lull periods with whatever materials you can muster from home. While you can certainly cozy up to your notes and texts, cuddling with other human entities is strictly prohibited - signs have been put up to expressly discourage public displays of affection. Off topic, hot damn the squeaky clean restrooms located onsite are probably rated 5 stars or something........

2. OUE Downtown Gallery, Levels 1-3

According to numerous property website writeups, OUE Downtown Gallery along Shenton Way positions itself as a “lifestyle, wellness and technology” space...... yada yada yada. What genuinely matters (at least to us), however, is the fact because this sprawling mixed-use development is ensconced in the central business district, most commerce-related activities, if not all, grind to a virtual standstill on weekends. So go ahead then and make yourself at home in a palace of utter solitude - choose from various empty sofas, benches and the like scattered throughout the first three floors originally purposed for tired shoppers and stressed executives to rest their achy legs.

3. 112 Katong, Levels 1-3

This once bustling shopping complex has since lost most of its shine and is pretty much an uneviable retail graveyard presently; in our opinion the only tenants still performing decent volumes of trading are UOB Wealth Banking Centre, Katong Market Place, Golden Village cinemas and Tim Ho Wan restaurant among a tiny handful (yes indeed we scoped out the mall on a few occasions to verify our findings). Add to that numerous permanently shuttered stores and the resident food court situated upstairs undergoing a major overhaul, obviously there really isn't much impetus for folks to even set foot inside. We therefore say, revel in the serenity and get crackin' on 'em books anytime, anyday. Besides, pray tell, how could one ever resist those cutesy stools and quirky cuboid plank seats?

4. Genting Hotel Jurong

Journey to the west, then saunter right into this hotel happening directly opposite Jurong Regional Library and merely 5 minutes away from Jurong East MRT station on foot. Take your pick: a vast variety of snugly upholstered armchairs, settees and whatnot are seen idly deployed across the sprawling lobby. If you seek to pull an all nighter without getting assailed by the constant babel of voices, there's no better place than right here - past 10pm that is.

Remember, always observe proper decorum when studying in these public areas; when you need to walk away, WALK AWAY. Being confrontational is pure stupidity. HAVE FUN, AND GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR TESTS/EXAMS!