Wasted an entire month applying to be a teacher with the MOE

I am feeling really crappy and upset right now.

I don't get why government agencies must be so f**king opaque in their hiring practices. I am a fresh university graduate who applied to the Ministry of Education (MOE) to teach secondary level History and was interviewed last month. Spent this whole time waiting for them to revert, meanwhile also attended other interviews with private companies and organizations. Most of the interviewers blanched when I truthfully informed them I was awaiting a response from the education ministry; I can only assume it's because they were probably already aware of how HR departments at governmental establishments love to drag their feet when it comes to furnishing replies, consequently disallowing me to absolutely commit to any other job offer when my heart is still somewhat hopeful about securing that teaching gig.

So one whole f**king month flew by just like that.....completely wasted. Went through six interviews during this while including the one by MOE, only 2 besides MOE have yet to get back to me, then again they were held in the last week of April. And today afternoon MOE finally responded via e-mail.

"We refer to your application for a teaching position.

Thank you for your interest in teaching, and the time you had taken to be at the interview. After careful consideration of your application in totality and in competition with the other applicants, we would like to inform you that your application is unsuccessful.

We wish you every success in your future endeavours."

Not even a "not successful now but we'll KIV your resume for future job openings", but a curt, straight up "no we don't want you, don't bother applying again" reply. I just wasted one whole month plus some counting so very much on my dreams of being an educator coming true. Now every last aspiring molecule within me is murdered with just one e-mail. No reason, no accountability, no do-overs, no explanations. Nothing. Why are applicants deemed to be emotionally incapable of handling whatever reason it might be with regards to them having failed in their job applications that things must be shushed up? How do you expect us to improve, or rather, feel that we've been fairly assessed and treated when we even don't know what mix of benchmarks you folks at governmental agencies measure our worthiness by?

I am beyond just being angry. I am just crushed. My high school form teacher and English teacher were such inspirations and awesome mentors to me that decided I would follow in their footsteps, and if the stars align perhaps even get to work alongside them. Now everything is up in smoke ..... mere ashes and dust left. May as well have been Thanos snapping his finger on my long term career prospects.

Oh by the way I have more great news for myself: presently you don't have a job to fall back on either. I shall "happily" continue grasping at straws.....lots of them. Hooray.

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