Subject-based banding to be fully implemented in all secondary schools by 2024

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► MSF to give more support for children with developmental needs

► 61 prison inmates received O-Levels results. 2 of them scored 5 As.

► No more N- & O-Level exams from 2024 onwards!

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► Subject-Based Banding to be expanded beyond PSLE subjects

► MOE to replace streaming with subject-based banding, but the persisting social divide still needs to be addressed

► Singapore can learn a thing or two from the Danish approach to education

► Resilience Campaign and Video aims to stop stigmatization of failure and people with disabilities

► Teo Chee Hean: Streaming initiated in the past to ensure that children completed their education

► PM Lee says students excel in studies can find good jobs but Minister Ong says degrees don’t earn us a living

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► ‘Average’ NUS student claimed to get almost perfect grades on exchange with 1/5 the effort in S’pore

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