Screen grab courtesy of Channel NewsAsia's "Regardless of Class" Documentary

The Independent

► JC teen claims Coffee Bean discriminates against students with ‘No studying’ policy

► Millennials say Singapore “cannot take its success for granted”

► Netizens applaud Deyi Secondary students for standing up for fired drink stall owner

► Indranee Rajah will head new UPLIFT task force to provide support for underprivileged students

► JC student gets “casual partner” pregnant ahead of their A-Level examinations

► If education is the key to Singapore’s success, why do few parents want their children to become teachers?

Vulcan Post

► He Dropped Out Of Poly At 18, Now Runs A Ramen Restaurant Chain In S'pore That Earned $6M In 2018

Must Share News

► 10 S’poreans Who Prove PSLE Scores Don’t Dictate Your Success In Life

► CNA Documentary Shows That The Class Divide Is Real In Singapore

Young Parents

► PSLE 2018 results: Girl who lost mum to cancer focused on making her proud


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Value Champion

► ValueChampion Student Interview Series: Aditya Karkera, Yale-NUS Class of 2020

► ValueChampion Student Interview Series: Joel Ng, MITB Candidate, SMU

► Which University Program in Singapore Offers the Highest Return on Investment?


► Teaching Assistant @ Katong V

► The Lab @ Katong V (Python Programming with Raspberry Pi)

► A Normal Teenager

Kiasu Parents

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Goody Feed Singapore

► NUS Anonymous Student Calls Poly Students ‘Useless’, Triggering Both Poly & JC Students

► School Fees for Poly & ITE Set to Increase in 2018, But Current Students Not Affected

► SUSS (UnSIM) Sacks Lecturer For Releasing Questions & Answers For Exam

►Another Mass Food Poisoning Case in S’pore, This Time Affecting 131 Children & Teachers

The Online Citizen

► NTU linguist: Nothing wrong speaking English with Singaporean accent

► Selective editing in CNA’s “Regardless of Class” video?

► Locals struggle to compete with foreign talent as the education system leaves them unprepared

► Crimson Education General Manager shares how they help students figure out what’s next in life

► Singapore’s obsession with rankings will ultimately hurt academia more than it helps

► Govt helps create affordable “budget” international schools for expats to work and stay in S’pore


► S’pore’s education system breeds unhealthy “kiasu-ism” & obsession with rankings

► No, PSLE aggregate score is not out of 300

► S’poreans empathise with Normal Technical student in video on class divide

► Fewer low-SES students among top academic performers in S’pore relative to other countries: OECD PISA

► Teck Whye Primary School teacher hugs all her students as she hands them PSLE results slips

► Someone actually got a top PSLE score of 420 in 1983

► Admissions to SIM International Academy permanently closed after it just opened in Sept 2017

► Deyi Secondary responds after students accuse principal of firing drink vendor over plastic cups

► Deyi Secondary rebuts claims made by terminated drink vendor’s family, says vendor has not sold fruits for past 3 years

► Heng Swee Keat popularised ‘every school, a good school’ phrase when he was education minister

Rice Media

► Reader Opinion: Don’t Blame Singapore’s Education Policy for Widening Inequality

► CNA’s ‘Regardless of Class’ is Everything That’s Wrong With Singapore’s Inequality Debate

► CNA’s ‘Regardless of Class’ Seemed Too Perfect. So We Dug Deeper.

► Our Education System Sorts Singaporeans Into Leaders and Followers. Here’s How

The Nanyang Chronicle

► Matriculated and married

► Birds collide with glass buildings in NTU

► Sign-ing up to interpret

► Combating sexual harassment in universities

► Loving people with mental illness

► A community in cricket

► Discovering the museum on campus

► Removing exams and rankings can be counterproductive