Jobless philosophy graduate's advice to new students

By tentimestenisthree

Please don't pursue something as impractical as a degree in philosophy. Now that I'm without a job and credentials (granted, I completed 2 internship stints, but the folks in charge didn't give me much to show), I feel like I had completely wasted my university years. Probably should have studied something more useful like Economics. That stupid saying 'follow your passion' only really works if your passion is in something useful to employers; NOT F**KING PHILOSOPHY THAT'S FOR SURE. If you are dead set on the philosophy course, make sure to secure a minor in another field. And if you want to major solely in philosophy, you'd better have won the lottery or are already running a string of useful, profitable enterprises on the side, otherwise you're just going to end up a broke-ass street babbler like yours truly. Thanks for hearing me out.

In hindsight, I know I should've done more for myself. So the problem may not have been that I chose to study philosophy, but that I never made an effort to explore further beyond personal academic pursuits in school. Apologies for the rant.

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