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The Independent

► Teachers’ parking fees kept by schools, irate Singaporeans question if monetizing was the aim

► Number of young Singaporeans seeking help for mental health issues jumps by 190%

► Student doesn’t dare tell his friends that he passed his O-Levels since two friends committed suicide over poor PSLE scores

► Singaporeans “speak bad English and bad Mandarin”: American billionaire

► Singapore student gets blasted as “conceited clown” by JC students after reporting offensive meme to police

The Peak Magazine

► Meeting Kuik Shiao-Yin: The Singaporean voice of youth behind the impassioned Parliament speechesn

Thoughts of A Cynical Investor

► S’pore Universities NOT on employability list

► Doublespeak on “Every school a good school”

► Minister Ong wants a camel?

Goody Feed Singapore

► Wild Boar Attacked Pregnant Woman In Her 30s Near Punggol Secondary School

► CJC VP ‘Insults’ Neighbourhood School Students; CJC Has Since Apologized

► Youths Filmed Pouring Coke & Curry Down Buildings for IG Videos

The Online Citizen

► Shocking that an educator from Singapore’s top schools could be so myopic and misguided

► Member of public shares photo of school’s carpark reserved for Education Minister and other VIPs, asks why they don’t have discipline to park their cars at the HDB carpark

► River Valley kindergarten retracts letter, stating grassroots leaders can receive P1 recommendation letters for schools, such as River Valley Primary

► Former NUS student maintains injustice done to her by university


► Resident claims he can hear ghostly screams from Tampines Junior College late at night

► Loving S’porean mother quit her job to set up a special needs school

► Kuik Shiao-Yin shares struggles of S’pore teachers, talks PSLE & reaching out to low-SES children

► S’pore girl not happy she has to repay mom’s CPF account for school fees, complains on Facebook

► NTU student calls out series of sexual harassment cases at NTU on Instagram

► S’porean researcher at A*Star with a PhD scored 124 for PSLE, was from EM3 stream

► S’porean man, 23, said he reported JC students’ 9/11 meme to police as it might incite terrorism

► S’pore student scored 181 at PSLE, now in third year at NUS Medicine

Zuu Online

► 6 High-Paying Jobs In Singapore That Don’t Require A Degree

Culture-Centered Approach

► My enchanted life in Singapore and my struggles as an academic

Rice Media

► How Singapore’s P1 Registration Exercise Perpetuates the “Lottery of Life”

► School Meme Pages: How Students Are Calling BS & Resisting Authority

► Here’s Why I’ve Been Telling Students Not to Pursue Their Passion

► @KidsOfSingapore Is Vulgar, Stupid, and Everything I Miss About Being Young

► I Lost My Mother To Cancer, But Gained A Relationship Few Do With Their Parents

► A Love Letter to Singapore’s Libraries

The Nanyang Chronicle

► Going intern-ational

► Understanding privilege through exchange

► NS hinders sports careers, but still important: NTU athletes

► Singapore is fair in its refusal to grant Ben Davis deferment athletes

► NTU Fest streamlines event to focus on school population

► Cashless payments decline after Nets promotion ends

► NTU's first ICT fair welcomes students from across faculties

► New website allows students to post module reviews