Better Believe It......Because They Actually Happen(ed) Collection 42

Children's nursery in China welcomes back kids with pole dancer, leaving parent shocked

By Sophie Williams

A parent has told of his shock after his children's nursery welcomed kids back from holiday with a performance from a scantily-clad pole dancer.

Journalist Michael Standaert shared a video from the incident on Twitter, asking his followers: "Who would think that this is a good idea?"

He added that he was considering taking his children out of the kindergarten in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen.

The local education authority issued an apology for the performance and said in a statement that following an investigation they had dismissed the director of the nursery.

Full story at Evening Standard (September 2018)

12-Year-Old Aims And Fires Gun At Teacher’s Face, But It Fails To Fire

Image via North Scott Junior High School / Facebook

By Christina Marfice

Court documents say 12-year-old student’s gun failed to fire, preventing a school shooting in Iowa.

A 12-year-old Iowa boy is entering court proceedings for allegedly bringing a loaded handgun to school with plans to shoot his teacher.

Court documents today alleged the boy, who isn’t being named in media reports because of his age, brought the Smith and Wesson handgun to North Scott Junior High School in Eldridge, Iowa, pulled it out in class, ordered his classmates to get on the floor, pointed the gun at his teacher’s face and pulled the trigger. The safety on the gun was on, investigators say, and that was allegedly all that prevented this incident from becoming yet another school shooting.

When the gun didn’t fire, the teacher was able to wrestle it away from the boy with the help of another school staff member. She’s now rightfully being hailed a hero.

The boy has been charged with felony attempted murder, and police have not revealed what his motive was for wanting to shoot his teacher. They also haven’t said if any students were also targets. The boy will remain in police custody for at least another week, even though his lawyers have argued for his release by saying all other guns have been removed from his family’s home. Yep, there were other guns.

Full story at Scary Mommy (September 2018)

Job crunch driving defaults in education loans

Government data disclosed that in the last three years, the number of students who could not get placements crossed 40 lakh.

By Kumar Vikram

NEW DELHI: Ramesh Singh borrowed more than Rs 7 lakh as an education loan to study in a private engineering college in the NCR area. However, he could not get a job during the campus placement, and even after more than a year, remains unemployed and unable to pay the instalments. Vimal Tyagi, who belongs to a lower-middle class family, took an education loan to fulfil his academic aspirations, and hoped to repay the loan after getting a job.

But, he failed during the campus placement and is now a defaulter. These are not isolated cases of students turning education loan defaulters. According to data with the Indian Banks Association (IBA), there are currently over 3.44 lakh students who have not been able to pay instalments of education loans they took to complete their higher education. These students either did not get campus placement, or even if they did manage to find a job after finishing their course, could not command a salary sufficient to repay the loan. Each year, about seven lakh students avail education loans worth about Rs 13,000 crore.

For instance, in 2015-16, 7,86,279 students took loans amounting to Rs 13,435 crore, according to data provided by the IBA and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). In 2016-17 and 2017-18, the corresponding figures were 6,80,286 students and Rs 12,227 crore worth of loans, and 8,98,545 students and loans worth Rs 14,734 crore. So while the number of loans taken in the past three years has been more or less uniform, IBA and RBI data point to an increasing number of students defaulting in loan repayment, or in other words, rising bad loans. In 2015-16, Rs 4,777 crore of the total loans taken turned into non-performing assets (NPAs). In 2016-17 and 2017-18, the corresponding figures were Rs 5,191 crore and Rs 6,434 crore.

Experts blamed poor placement and insufficient job creation for the increase in bad loans. Government data disclosed that in the last three years, the number of students who could not get placements crossed 40 lakh. AICTE records show that the placement percentage of students was only 33-34 per cent in the last few years.

Full story at The New Indian Express (September 2018)

Dozens of pupils attack each other with MACHETES in shocking school violence filmed in South Africa

• Secondary school students filmed attacking each other with machetes

• Video shows the pupils - still in school uniforms - chasing after each other

• Had reportedly carried machetes in their backpacks in Limpopo, South Africa

• Violent riot took place off school grounds, and nine pupils have been suspended

• It is believed one student was injured, but the school has refused to comment

By Jamie Pyatt

A violent riot broke out by a school in South Africa when students began attacking each other with machetes to settle a dispute.

Video footage shows dozens of students giving chase while armed with razor sharp weapons – known locally as pangas - as others scream in fear and run for their lives.

Students still in school uniforms can be seen wielding the machetes, slashing after fellow pupils from a secondary school in Limpopo Province, north South Africa.

Video footage shows dozens of students from a school in Limpopo Province, South Africa, chasing after each other while armed with machetes

The steel weapons can easily decapitate a man's head or a limb and it is thought the pangas had been taken into class at the school in the students' backpacks.

Education authorities reacted quickly and suspended nine students pending an investigation into the shocking video which quickly went viral on Twitter in South Africa.

It happened after lessons when pupils still in uniform from Tlakale Mashashane Secondary School in Takalane village walked home, and the fight was off school grounds.

It is believed one pupil was injured during the incident but the school refused to comment.

Full story at The Mail Online (October 2018)

School teachers are buying food for hungry pupils, shocking survey reveals

A survey has found many teachers take food to school to give to hungry pupils (Image: Photographer's Choice)

By Mark Ellis

School staff regularly take food to schools to feed hungry children, a survey reveals.

More than half of those polled by the GMB union – mainly teaching assistants on around £12,000 a year – supply items including tampons, pens, pencils, books, toilet paper and toys.

And nearly one in 10 give food to youngsters who would not get to eat otherwise.

One staff member said: “I often purchase sandwiches and biscuits for pupils who haven’t had any breakfast or lunch – otherwise they go without.”

Another said: “Without the extra things that I buy with my own money, the children would not have the healthy food options.”

The rose-tinted image of the school canteen and lunchtime is not a reality for many children (Image: iStockphoto)

Some 78% said their school had made “significant financial cutbacks” as Tory austerity bites.

One staff member in a deprived area reported regularly taking in breakfast cereal.

Another said: “The budget is extremely tight and the kitchen will only prepare a certain amount of food. If the children drop their lunch, they often do not get another one.”

Full story at Daily Mirror (October 2018)

More and more Malaysian schoolgirls stripping online

Photo: The New Paper

By Sardi Mahorm And Michael Ching

MELAKA: Some of them were in their school pinafores.

Although there’s a question mark over their real identity, these teenage girls have no compunction in stripping for the cameras. And circulating the images and videos on social media.

Many of the pictures captured the girls lifting their blouses to show their breasts and striking suggestive poses.

Parents here contacted The Star, voicing their concerns about the behaviour of such teenagers.

A quick search for “Malaysian schoolgirls” on certain sites would unearth such raunchy postings. Some had close to 16,000 views.

One website even claimed that it could offer pictures of primary schoolkids, supposedly from Malaysia.

Even “teachers” are into the act as well.

One video purportedly showed a “teacher” undressing in what seemed like a staff room of a school.

The caption reads: “Selamat Hari Guru. Nakal cikgu ini, dalam bilik pun vc.” (Happy Teachers Day. This teacher is naughty; even taking a video in the teachers’ room).

Social activist R.A. Saravana, 48, warned that such smut could lead to more deterioration of moral values among the younger generation.

Stakeholders should put a stop to this before the situation got out of control, he said.

Full story at The Star Online (October 2018)