Fresh Graduate: Harrowing job hunting experience at insurance company

By bearaby

I couldn't find employment for quite some time after graduating from university and got a little desperate, so I decided to interview for a job at an insurance company. It ended up being a seminar style thing where they basically talked about how much money you could make, and made everyone undergo some personality tests. During the "interview" I made it clear that I didn't want to take up an insurance sales job. They assured me that they had many positions open and would help me to look for a suitable one (non client-servicing related).

They called me back a while later. Convinced me that I am well suited for selling insurance (bullshit through and through). Said I had to pay $300 to attempt a set of examinations but once I passed they'd reimburse me the full costs. I was hesitant... and then they replied: "Not a problem we can always settle this for you first." Well I subsequently passed the exams and reiterated my refusal to work as an insurance sales agent as already indicated in the very beginning. Guess what? A representative of theirs was instructed to accompany me to the ATM to immediately withdraw funds so as to pay them back the entire amount.

I was so stunned and nearly cried. And just like that, a stupid fresh graduate was cheated of her money. F*** those people.


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