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The Independent

► Overly Rigorous Curriculum Was Why “Swim Queen” Jing-E Moved to the US

► Trans-ASEAN education can play a role in building a regional community

► Singapore Students Place Second in Worldwide Literacy Study

► Unemployed and underemployed Singaporeans share their stories as photo of “jobless graduate” goes viral

► Yale-NUS students protest school’s decision-making methods; demand more student representation

► People’s Association volunteer allegedly hurt young boy and refused to apologise at PA Chingay event

► What is freelancing?

► How to charge teachers for carpark space and still keep them happy


► The day Lee Kuan Yew lost his cool with students

Redwire Singapore

► Scholar from Oxford and Harvard University: PAP Politicians are the Worst Fake New Perpetrators

The Online Citizen

► ST now offers SkillsFuture approved English course amid decline in advertising revenue

► Carpark fee to be introduced to all national schools and junior college from 1 August

Dialectic SG

► Do we need a law to combat Deliberate Online Falsehoods (Fake News)?

Money Smart

► NUS, NTU, SMU & Other Singapore University Degrees – How Much Does It Cost in 2018?

The Asian Parent

► Toddler’s sudden death highlights hidden dangers of curtain ropes


► Sec 3 Social Studies guide: Speak Singlish, play in HDB estate show low socio-economic status

► Social Studies textbook explains SES slightly differently

► Teachers in S’pore to pay up to S$960 a year for parking in schools from Aug. 1, 2018

► This guy makes a compelling case to explain why making teachers pay for parking is a bad idea

► The Straits Times offering English classes. Price? S$499 of your S$500 SkillsFuture credits.

Value Penguin

► Paying for a Polytechnic Diploma in Singapore: Is It Worth Your Money?

Rice Media

► Teachers Explain How 风和日丽 Became the Default Composition Intro

Coconuts Singapore

► Storm of public outcry erupts after MOE makes teachers pay for parking at schools

Must Share News

► Teachers And Netizens Slam MOE’s New Policy

► 10 Things Teachers In Singapore Do And Pay For That Do Not Get Acknowledged Enough

Lil Blue Bottle

► Got me Book Fairy wings recently!

► Wonderful chinese picture books by Singaporean authors

► Aureus Music Academy – Voice Lessons with Ms Andrea

► Tampines Regional Library – and 9 great books to inspire children with

Kiasu Parents

► Life In Secondary One: Getting Over PSLE Disappointment

► Help Your Child Deal with School Bullies: A 5-Step Strategy

► Learn How To Respond When Your Kids Make Mistakes

► Preparing For The Future: 8 Enrichment Areas To Focus On

The Nanyang Chronicle

► Taking the education path less travelled

► Teenager reports grad student for molest; 25-year-old man arrested

► Internships in unlikely places

► Stranger connections

► More than just a phone alarm

► Left alone to prosper

► New schemes welcome, but focus on campus life too

► “Netflix Tax” prompts more cautious spending among students

► New mentorship programme links students with alumni