Autistic son being bullied at playground: Mother misrepresented what actually happened

By maxsanic

After viewing the video clip, my tentative conclusion is Ow May Chen, mother of the problematic son, is misrepresenting what actually transpired.

1) "Dexter is naive and defenseless" - That's BS. The boy was very belligerent and combative as can be seen from his repeated attempts to disturb the guy's much smaller kid, ramming the guy and at one point using his fists to punch him from behind.

2) Ow May Chen then described the guy as having "kicked, pushed and roughly handled" as well as "physically assaulting" her son. I can accept that the guy sort of manhandled her son, but she's making it sound as if the guy was raining kicks and punches on her son whilst the boy lay helpless on the ground when in reality he simply lost his temper and was a tad rough in chasing her son away from his much smaller kid who was being harassed.

We can fault the guy to a certain extent for losing his temper over a misbehaving child, but the bulk of the blame should fall on the boy and his irresponsible, missing in action parents. If the boy is normal in every sense, then his parents obviously suck at disciplining him. If the boy suffers from certain psychological conditions causing him to behave in such a manner, I have to question what on earth his parents were thinking by leaving him alone in a public playing space.

Editor's Note: This is in response to a FaceBook post by one Ow May Chen, who alleged that her 5 year old autistic son, Dexter, was “pushed, kicked and roughly handled” by another parent at an indoor playground in Yishun. A screenshot of the original post alongside actual CCTV footage of the incident have been provided below (courtesy of The Local Society).


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