Media Veteran's NTU scholarship application rejected, ends up doing PhD overseas

I did an interview with Dr Devendran in a program called "Sollathaan Ninaikkiraen" where he broke down, recounting his younger days... Impressed with how the interview went, he queried where I had done my degree and what my field of study was. I informed him I did not have a degree; thereafter he asked me to apply for the MDIS scholarship and urged me to continue my studies. Thanks to Dr Denan, I did so and secured a scholarship to do my Bachelor of Arts degree graduating with a 3.92/4 GPA and silver medal achievement.

I then applied for a scholarship with the Singapore Indian Education Trust (SIET) to pursue my masters with Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Thanks to SIET, I did complete my masters with NTU and decided to continue with a PhD there.

I was offered a place. However, despite having above decent grades (4.45/5) and relevant working experience, NTU chose not to grant me a scholarship. Disappointed that my country did not recognize my efforts one single bit. I therefore decided that I'd rather do my PhD overseas as I have also gotten offers from both Auckland University of Technology (AUT) and Latrobe University. I eventually settled for AUT and they have awarded me a scholarship as well. Definitely feeling overjoyed about this, yet somewhat sad that NTU did not have proper faith in my thesis. Missed out on opportunities to work with Professor Liew Kai Khiun and Professor pang. Still, I would like to thank Professor Kalinga Seneviratne and Professor Arun for all the support and advice rendered.

Currently, my supervisor is Professor VJ from AUT and my secondary supervisor is Professor Rufus. Thanks gentlemen for hand holding and guiding me through, am thoroughly grateful and happy.

Editor's Note: The writer, Miss Hayma Malini, is a radio personality and TV host in Singapore; she also owns production house 23 Frames Pte Ltd with her husband Yugendran.

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