High IQ but low EQ is useless. I am one good example. Let me explain myself.

By Meat Bao

It's true.

In life, if you have high EQ, you are basically destined to lead a fruitful existence. You will feel happy. You will enjoy a high quality of life.

If you have a high IQ but low EQ, boy that is real bad news.

For example, let's consider myself as a case study.

Yours truly is in possession of an above average IQ (120s to 130s) and previously attained exceptionally high academic achievements in a certain subject. For the record, I was the best student, far above anyone in my general cohort. Possibly even among fellow scholars. That consensus is shared by my lecturers as well. I am not boasting.

But what has that given me ? Completely nothing.

Worse, I am emotionally stunted.

I am not well-adjusted .

Compared to my peers, they are progressing well in life. They are married and have children, they also have their own circle of friends. They are thoroughly happy; they genuinely experience both laughter and joy.

For me, I am not happy, I don't laugh, I don't know what's it like to feel joyful.

In life, the most important things revolve around one's emotional stability, maturity, self-awareness, and self-mastery of stuff relevant to functioning properly in society.

For a person with a high EQ, if you encounter a glass which is half empty and half full, you would think it's half full. You would feel contented.

On the other hand, for an individual with a low EQ, he would reckon it's half empty. Feelings of confusion, aimlessness, frustration and perhaps even bitterness would ensue.

Sucks big time huh?

The most capable, positive, over-achieving people aren't those having high IQs, great wealth or immense fame. Truth is they are the ones with high EQs, namely folks who can actually be happy everyday, easily befriend anyone, love to laugh and joke with others, can pick themselves up easily once more when befell by obstacles, so on and so forth.

These are indeed the most desirable set of attributes to be born with.

If you have them, you are set for life.


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