Parent complained to Singaporean Chinese head of tuition centre that she did not want a “smelly” Indian tutor to teach her child, only to be chased out with a broom

By Sinsemilla

My sister is a full-time tutor and recently a Singaporean Chinese student’s parent complained to the head of the tuition centre that she did not want her child being taught by an Indian.

The parent was apparently referring to another tutor, a well-qualified Indian lady who taught her child both Science and Math.

According to the tutor, this c**t of a kid took out his/her body spray and started spraying it in the classroom complaining that it was “smelly because of the Indian tutor”.

My sister is good friends with this fellow Indian tutor and this may sound stupid but she can legitimately assure me that she does not have body odor or anything that would justify this ch**b** of a kid’s reaction.

The parent brought this up to the head of the tuition centre, who is also Chinese, thinking that he would understand and agree. You know, like it’s some sort of we belong to the race so 你帮我我帮你 (“you help me, I help you”) shit.

The head of the tuition centre then proceeded to chase this racist Chinese mum and her kid out of the centre with a broom, telling them he never wanted to see them set foot in his tuition centre ever again.

In short: We need more allies to combat the systemic racism left behind by the older, backward-thinking Singaporeans before it gets amplified and perpetrated down future generations.

This first appeared as a post on the Twitter Page of Sinsemilla on 23 February 2018. Do join in the discussion over there if you have thoughts to share.


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