MOE should introduce financial penalty to punish rebellious students

By Timothy Tan

MOE should introduce a new financial penalty to punish those students who consistently stir trouble in schools (e.g. violating rules, committing serious offences) to have their school fees increased by anywhere from 100% to 500% depending on the severity of their transgressions. In addition, their school fees will not be subsidized by taxpayers' monies and they must pay the full amount equivalent to standing international student (IS) fee rates in Singapore government schools.

For example, a secondary 2 student who constantly disrupts a class with his irksome behavior for more than 3 times shall have to cough up a sum of

Before: $6/month

After: $3,300/month ( based on actual 2018 IS fees = $1,100/month)

Penalty Rate: 300%

The additional amount collected shall contribute towards the bonuses of affected teachers to thank them for teaching the child.

Any reduction in penalty will be subjected to a 12-month observation and review window. If the student does not reoffend during this while, his school fees shall then revert to the original $6/month subsidized rate.

This will surely go some way in helping to tackle them rebellious children and irresponsible parents.

This first appeared as a post on a Hardwarezone Forums thread on 21 January 2018. Do join in the discussion over there if you have thoughts to share.


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