There are 3 types of people studying in ITE

By LesPhantom

I noticed there are basically 3 types of people who end up studying in an Institute of Technical Education (ITE) based on observations of friends around me.

1) Failures in life - They are not stupid, however they just don't want to study hard. Many end up as career criminals, indulging in all kind of vices, or just scrapping the bottom of the barrel. They enrolled in ITE, well, simply because they were left with not much choice but to go with the flow.

2) Late bloomers - They were unable to cope with the curriculum (for one reason or another) at that point in time but eventually blossomed in ITE, advancing to a polytechnic and a local /foreign top university thereafter. 2 of my friends are PhD researchers in NUS, a few others dabbled in technopreneurship, and some made their marks in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) as mid-level military officers. Then there are those who found their true calling, becoming big chefs and producers in the F&B and film/photography industries respectively.

3) The norm - They are more or less not academically inclined and are therefore studying in ITE so as to learn a skill or two. Most of them are just going with the flow and not desiring to be someone extraordinary. Ultimately they didn’t make it to the big leagues, studied at a reputable university nor become rich, but most are holding honest and decent jobs like drivers, technicians, salesmen, CSOs, WOSPECs etc. I reckon most ITE folks belong to this category, and might I add there is absolutely nothing wrong here.

This first appeared as a post on a Hardwarezone Forums thread on 2 November 2017. Do join in the discussion over there if you have thoughts to share.


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