Dad and Mum used very different disciplining methods on me as a child

By icyfantasy

When I was young my parents took different approaches to disciplining me.

My mother was the typical Asian mother, she will whack me when I did something very bad and it will be accompanied with an entire day of nagging, scolding , quarrelling and crying. I hated this so much she went through 3 canes because I will grab each one when she tried to cane me, break it into 2 and threw it out of the window. She had to resort to wooden rulers because they were more durable but I threw all of them out of the window anyways. (Sorry to those walking underneath my block). She resorted to using her own hand instead but eventually gave up because I could tolerate the pain more than she could dish it out.

My father went with a different approach. He will just look at me, not say a single word, sigh and give me his most disappointed face. I was guilt tripped immediately.

There's no universally effective method to punish a child, some work, others doesn't. You need to know your child well enough to determine what comes across as effective in terms of disciplining them.

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