Maybe studying in NTU was not the right choice

I am currently on GEM Explorer and I have just received my mid term results for my overseas university. I did not study as hard as I used to in NTU and yet I am getting much better grades and easily top the class among my foreign classmates. All courses on exchange are taken on a pass / fail basis and the grades do not matter. Scoring 95% is the same as scoring 50% here once I return to NTU.

In NTU I am used to study really hard and yet I am not even able to make it into 2nd Upper for engineering degree. The average course load back at home is so much heavier than what I am experiencing here and I often find it hard to handle. I feel so unmotivated and it felt as though all previous efforts have gone to waste. Why is studying in NTU so difficult as compared to some overseas universities? I am putting in so much more effort in NTU and yet my grades remain below average.

Maybe studying in NTU was not the right choice. Some of my high school friends went overseas for university studies and are doing quite well. In Singapore we study so hard, work so hard, and yet the compensations we receive for our work are not justifiable at all. Even the minimum wage in some countries are better than what fresh graduates earn in Singapore.

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