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Bachelor of Science with Diploma in Education (Bsc with Dip Ed)

Full time private tutor

'A' Level H2 Chemistry Tuition,

IP Chemistry Tuition,

'O' Level Pure Chemistry Tuition

Lagoon View, Singapore 449294


Having taught A level H2 Chemistry for well over a decade (as both a MOE teacher and as a full-time private tutor), I feel tremendous pity and sympathy, observing that the vast majority of Singapore JC students, cohort after cohort, merely blindly memorize H2 Chemistry, regarding it with dread as some painfully laborious work that they just want to get over and done with, rather than truly understanding, deeply appreciating and actually enjoying the amazing beauty of Chemistry, which should be the case.

Here at BedokFunland JC (the "JC" stands for Judicious Chemistry, and I'm located between Bedok's TJC and Marine Parade's VJC), my sincere hope is for my students to actually have fun and enjoy themselves in the process of learning H2 Chemistry judiciously. This can only occur when students make Chemistry personally meaningful and hence own Chemistry for themselves. My humble hope is that through sharing with you, my unique approach to seeing Chemistry, in a fun yet personally meaningful way, I may guide you, my students, to achieve this for yourself.

As stated in my BedokFunland JC slogan, "H2 Chemistry empowered with H3 Chemistry understanding", I will impart to you, my BedokFunland JC students, selectively useful H3 Chemistry and Olympiad Chemistry concepts, skills and strategies that are absolutely relevant for acing the H2 Chemistry syllabus, giving you an invaluable advantage over the rest of your H2 peers in school, but (just as importantly) without the additional burden and stress of having to actually take H3 Chemistry and/or Olympiad Chemistry in school (assuming your school even allows you to do so in the first place!). H3 Chemistry and Olympiad Chemistry students invariably outperform their H2 peers, because they *understand* their Chemistry a lot deeper, and this is exactly what BedokFunland JC can give to you.

Whether you join as my Individual 1:1 Tuition student, or as my Small Group (6 students or less, most of the time) Tuition student, I will diligently answer all of your own personal H2 Chemistry queries that you might have, helping you expertly and painlessly complete your own school tutorials and assignments, and focus on preparing you well for your school's upcoming tests and exams. In other words, instead of going through generic Chemistry lecture questions as part of a large class (as would be the case in other Tuition Centers), I will be focused on attending to your own personalized H2 Chemistry learning needs.

I would also like to thank all my past students for giving me the opportunity to have contributed in some small way to their brilliant years ahead, and I look forward to helping you, my future students, in the same little humble way, the best that I can.

Please visit my BedokFunland JC website for more information (including on Fees payable for JC1 and JC2 students) before contacting me via sms to discuss scheduling. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you.

• 'A' Level Chemistry Problem Analysis: Chemical Energetics

• 'A' Level Chemistry Problem Analysis: Organic Reactions (Electrophiles)

• 'A' Level Chemistry Problem Analysis: Reaction and Solubility of Phenol

• 'A' Level Chemistry Problem Analysis: Inert Gas Equilibria

• 'A' Level Chemistry Problem Analysis: Reaction of 2,3-Dimethyl-1,3-butadiene with Bromine

• 'A' Level Chemistry Problem Analysis: Determining if Ink Smudges Are Ionic or Covalent In Nature

• 'A' Level Chemistry Problem Analysis: Solubility of Magnesium Chloride And Gibbs Free Energy

• 'A' Level Chemistry Problem Analysis: Similar Positive Iodoform Test Results For Alcohols And Carbonyl Compounds

• 'A' Level Chemistry Problem Analysis: Dipyridineiodine(I) Nitrate(V) And Its reaction With Potassium Iodide

• 'A' Level Chemistry Problem Analysis: Adding Aqueous Bromine to 4-aminophenol

• 'A' Level Chemistry Problem Analysis: Electrolyte Color Change In Salt Bridge

• 'A' Level Chemistry Problem Analysis: Electrolysis of Metal Sulfate Solution

• 'A' Level Chemistry Problem Analysis: Analyzing Lithium Aluminium Hydride (LiAlH4)

• 'A' Level Chemistry Problem Analysis: Electron Withdrawing / Releasing Groups

• 'A' Level Chemistry Problem Analysis: Titrating Hydroxylamine Chloride Against Sodium Hydroxide

• 'A' Level Chemistry Problem Analysis: Solubility And Heating of Zinc Hydroxide

• 'A' Level Chemistry Problem Analysis: Stability of Cycloalkene Isomers

• 'A' Level Chemistry Problem Analysis: Effect of Temperature Changes on ΔG° and Kc

• 'A' Level Chemistry Problem Analysis: Melting Point of LiCl vs That of NaCl

• A note on buying H2 Chemistry guidebooks by CS Toh

• I left MOE not because of money.

• The Singapore Education System is Quite Beyond Repair