Dad of ACS boy whose phone was confiscated is lawyer Andrew Hanam

By Stephen : The Best Is Yet To Be

The lawyer that represented himself and sued ACS over the confiscation of his son's iPhone 7 is Andrew Hanam. To set the record straight, his boy was caught red-handed playing with the phone in class. Any self-respecting father would have made his son own up to the mistake.

Mr Hanam is "well-known" lawyer. In 2007, Chief Justice asked the Law Society to see if Mr Hanam had breached his professional duties. He had billed a client $80,000 for work done on an accident case which was eventually escalated to the High Court. In fact, he didn't even show up in court when he was supposed to.

You can read about the case here: Teacher's first lawyer faces Law Society probe

Then in 2013, he filed a case because he wanted to gain entry to his neighbour's house. He suspected the water leaks in his 3 storey Thomson Green house was attributable to his neighbour. Mr Hanam was told by the High Court that there was no valid easement - or legal right of way - in which he could enter businessman Lam Vui's property without his consent. Justice Belinda Ang, in judgment grounds released back then, said Mr Hanam's application was "patently misconceived".

You can read about it here: Man's bid to access neighbour's roof denied

So does Mr Hanam have a habit of filing lousy cases? Or is he just a very intelligent lawyer trying to find loopholes?

In any case, I think he did not bring any glory to the ACS family.


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