Amos Yee and the magic 30

AMOS YEE. The quiet boy in school. Your regular classmate. Teachers never expect him to become a dissident. What happened to this boy?

And yes, he has been granted asylum in US. What’s next?

This decision is not cast in stone. US Department of Homeland Security has 30 days to file an appeal. The decision will become final (by 24 Apr 2017) if an appeal is not filed.

It seems likely that his application will go through.

This means that we will be hearing more from this boy.

With that being said, there is only so much those from Amos’s camp can do. Funds will run out and how many of them are willing to continuously throw money and feed his cause?

As he grows older, the downside may become more evident. Returning back to Singapore is not going to be a piece of cake – he is going to miss many family events in Singapore 😦

He needs to make a living – how much can he make from dissing Singapore? Who will still be interested in this boy?

Life in US awaits Amos, and I wish him all the best. The hate speeches should stop.

This post by Jamie was first published over at Rise of The Strawberry Nation on 25 March 2017. It is reproduced with permission.


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