Teacher grabbed ITE student by the neck and told him to tuck his shirt in

By Jaipur Singh

I was an event coordinator few years ago held at ITE West. Yes, the same school where a teacher was found mishandling a student and a slashing of a student by another.

I was there the whole day at the school. Noticed many students acting like gangsters and smoking just outside the school compound; it's a common sight. Apart from the ruffian-like display of behavior on the part of students, I also noticed teachers being aggressive towards quite a few students too. It was just in front of me when an Indian boy who did not tuck in his school shirt walked past a teacher. The teacher simply grabbed him by the neck and ordered him to do so. I was shocked but did not say anything.

Then another man, a teacher I presume, grabbed a student with pierced ears by his hand and told him to remove the studs immediately. Such occurrences are normal there apparently. I personally think we should handle students professionally so that we can actually reform them to become better people. Brandishing a "torturous" disciplinary approach will only exacerbate the situation.

I know it is not easy to handle the students in such schools but aren't the teachers coached to respond with suitable sensivitiy?


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