Boys had better behave!

By 莫丽蜜 (Molly Meek)

A student who allegedly molested a girl in a lift must be approached by the police during school hours and taken to the police station for interrogation 1.

But it's right for a student who definitely (it would seem) took upskirt videos of female teachers 2 to not be reported to the police immediately because boys will be boys (a rhetoric that violently defines masculinity at the expense of boys who are actually different) and the victims should not even have a say over how they want the matter handled.

And if a teen insults a dead autocrat, it's OK to gloat when someone slaps him after he's arrested 3 and put on trial. Boys will be... Boys had better behave!

1. Benjamin Lim case: Teen interviewed by officers twice the day he died (Channel News Asia)

2. Upskirt video case: School 'right' not to go straight to police, say parents (The Straits Times)

3. Caught in video: Amos Yee was slapped by a stranger outside court (Goody Feed)

This first appeared as a post on the Facebook page of 莫丽蜜 (Molly Meek) on 1 November 2016. Do join in the discussion over there if you have thoughts to share.


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