We Do Not And Will Never Work With Tuition Agencies

A tuition agency owner wrote to us seeking possible collaboration:

"Hi Domain Of Experts,

I am (blanked out), from (blanked out), a budding tuition matching agency with a vision to change the tuition landscape in Singapore.

I have always been a fan of your site's articles, very informative and have the smartlocal/buzzfeed tone to it which I really enjoy.

I really hope to work towards a close partnership with you, please tell me how we can do so. I am thinking of doing a few guest posting/advertising on your site.

Will be looking forward to your reply. Have a great day ahead!"

While we appreciate the kind words, we do not and will never work with tuition agencies. They pretty much go against the basic premise of our efforts, which is to cut out the middleman altogether.

The Czar (Site Founder)

Dated 22 September 2016