K2 students made to do activities praising S R Nathan's achievements-brainwashing from young?

By Vincent Cheong

I do not understand why our K2 students have to be forced to give thanks to ex-President S R Nathan. Why is it necessary to create activity sheets for young impressionable kids to commemorate his achievements? This was shared by a parent online, whose child attends an MOE kindergarten.

Can the education ministry give our children a break and stop trying to brainwash them from young? S R Nathan did some good things, but did you know, while the patriots of Singapore died in defense of Singapore, S R Nathan turned his back on Singaporeans and worked as a translator for the Japanese during the Occupation in WWII.

If you want to make an activity sheet, give a balance of opinions, do not simply just toot his nice looking achievements; also include his ugly past. Be fair and stop trying to spread such government propaganda to our young. They deserve the whole truth, not half truths like these.

This was reproduced with permission from editors of All Singapore Stuff.


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