Are our local Singaporeans so lacklustre that we have to import ‘talents’?

Many a time, Singaporean JC kids with straight-’A's are rejected to study law, medicine and accountancy in our local universities because the quota intake is filled, with some foreign students accepted into the mix.

As a result, many of our children end up going abroad to study. Those parents who are not rich may even have to sell off their HDB flats and downgrade to smaller sized ones in order to struggle to send their kids for overseas studies.

And by the time they completed their studies, many would not want to come back to a heartless society that rejected them in the first place and practice their acquired skill-sets. Instead, they go on to become doctors and professionals in their ‘adopted’ countries.

Not only are we suffering a loss of precious local talents, we now have an acute shortage of doctors, lawyers and certified public accountants (CPAs) within the public service. As a result, we need to import these people from developing countries.

Why can’t they allow our own students to study here instead of having to import ‘talents’ from India, China and Philippines?

This article was first published over at TR Emeritus on 8 may 2016. It is reproduced with permission.


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