What options do I have if my 'A' Level exam results are bad? (Response B)

This query comes from a student:

What options do I have if my 'A' Level exam results are bad? Just trying to plan ahead. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

The Response:


You need to bear in mind that the ultimate grade you receive for your 'A' Levels via MOE, has been "moderated" by SEAB and MOE before their official release. The process is so opaquely clandestine that not even school HODs and principals know exactly what "criteria" are used in the "moderation". Therefore, the grade a student receives may not be very reflective of the score that Cambridge gave him or her during the actual marking. I'm sorry that I can't comment further on this issue beyond here.

There is more than one way to explore entering university via other 'A' Level exam formats, e.g. 'A' Level ( Edexcel, OCR). Such international 'A' Level exams are definitely much more recognized globally compared to Singapore's H1/H2 system. Some of my students have taken such alternative routes, and have done remarkably well in them.

The following may serve as a guide for us in deciding on the type of 'A' Level course codes to subscribe for, in an University application:

Search Function, to broadly learn the Types of ‘A’ Levels recognized by different universities: Search Recognitions | CIE Search Recognitions

Types of ‘A’ Levels recognized by NUS: NUS - Office of Admissions : International Applicants

Remember, the grades (just like one's appointment in the working life) that they give you do not define you. :)


Duncan Ang

(Senior Councilor: May 2013 - December 2020)

Answered On 25 February 2016