The Young and Suicidal

By Tekko

Recently someone I knew told me that her 14 years old son attempted suicide. I was shocked. Especially coming after the Benjamin Lim and the SCDF recruit incidents.

Apparently this young kid decided to kill himself to help his family. The family were in some sort of financial difficulties and the boy foolishly thought that he can help to alleviate their troubles by killing himself. One less mouth to feed, one less financial worries. Or at least that was what his mother told us. Fortunately in this particular case, the boy did not die but the outcome could have been very much tragic.

Why did the boy think that suicide was the solution? Just like in Benjamin Lim’s and the SCDF recruit’s case? Did they think that if they die, all the problems will be resolved? Maybe so for themselves but it seems they have forgotten that everyone around them and especially their immediate family will be affected?

In my friend’s case, if the boy had died, the parents will feel so guilty that they caused his death. And what if he did not die but became a vegetable or handicapped? Couldn’t it make things worse for his family instead of helping them?

I wonder why kids nowadays attempt suicide so easily. Fail exam? Unrequited love? Parents’ scolding? Anything will trigger them off. We called the current generation of kids the Strawberry Generation people who bruise easily and cannot take stress, pressure and hard work. Is it due to the influence of social media, tv drama series?

In my time, it was unheard of to hear of young children killing themselves. Only the old and poor kills themselves. The young people – they turn to drugs, gangsterism and other crimes to overcome any personal set back. Not kill themselves.

Me think parents, teachers and everybody should stop mollycoddling our kids. If they did wrong, instead of sheltering them, teach them to take their punishment like a man. Last time, teacher punish us, our parents said good. Nowadays God forbids that a teacher can punish any kids! Last time, family poor, kid go out and work after school. Now kids stay at home and complain no handphone, no computers and the parents will work hard to cough up the money for their kids never mind if the poor parents have to eat bread for the rest of the month. And even during NS! My son told of a recent incident when a father wrote to his son’s CO to complain that his son has to do too many weekend duties!

If the younger generation are sheltered and protected every single step of their lives, it is no wonder that they will crack at the very first obstacle. As parents, maybe it is time to practice some hard love on our children. Who knows, it may save their lives one day!

This article first appeared on Run Eat Gossip on 16 March 2016. It is reproduced with permission.


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