Riverside Primary School Teacher tore up child's book

By May Cai

Hey people, I need your opinions on this issue. Can any teachers help? Thought of highlighting to MOE but was told they will reflect the matter to the school principal, which essentially meant nothing will be done.

How would you all feel if a teacher tore up your child's book, informing you the reason for doing so was that she wrote nonsense on its pages? But from what one can see, they are merely blank spaces in the workbook to be filled with some words . Regardless, a teacher shouldn't tear up the book of any student! Mind you, she ripped out 3 pages in front of the entire class.

This friend of mine is very upset and she had to change schools for her kid as the poor girl is too afraid attend class (@ Riverside Primary School that is ) due to the constant scolding she received from the teacher.

That poor girl is just a primary one student. Two months into the new term, she is still struggling to adjust to the environment; making friends, knowing her teachers.

Both the little girl's parents are working by the way, so the school is entrusted with caring for and educating the kid . The usually chirpy girl becomes very quiet when asked about matters related to the school and her teachers. Thinking it is normal for a child to evade such queries from time to time, the parents did not sense anything amiss.

Then the parents saw torn pages of the book after they were alerted by a neighbour who watches the child after official school hours. They thus went to school and asked the teacher (Mdm Yaty) to explain why she tore up the book.

Her reply was simply this : "She was writing nonsense on it. And I do this to other students too." So what exactly were the words written that you deemed as nonsense? The incorrect answers? Come on... you should offer a better reason.

In addition, she mentioned that the girl did not complete her assigned homework , which was totally untrue. Homework was always dutifully done and placed in a plastic folder which was brought to school but teacher never bothered to collect it. Then again, if she consistently failed to comply with the teacher's homework requirements, shouldn't the teacher at least inspect the student's bag or alert the parents by writing a note in the student's handbook?

Tried speaking to the Vice Principal, however the VP supported the teacher in her own way of educating students; apparently scolding and tearing of books is commonplace. And to think that the teacher even mentioned that the girl was always restless in class - this is because she has a medical condition that causes fatigue easily. As the teacher in charge, she should know about it right from the beginning since during the initial orientation, her parents had clearly communicated her existing medical condition to the teacher, and what to expect of their child as and when she displays signs of it. Stop criticizing the child's slower learning ability as not all kids are the same. Especially one with her medical condition.

But she claimed she did not know about this at all and insisted no one informed her. This is totally ridiculous!

The heart breaking part is when the child asks, "Mummy, am I stupid that is why the teacher hates me? Am I really slow? Is that why I have to change schools?"

I am a mother of two. I will be very upset to learn my children have to go endure all these, yet I failed to pick up the cues because he/she is introverted.

This is worst than bullying by peers. This is an emotional abuse of a person from a higher authority whom you have to see everyday in school.

This is a wrong way of teaching. Tearing up a book is a Big No No! This is obviously humiliating to the child, even more so when done right in front of the class.

Who will condone this act?! Only Riverside Primary School!

As mentioned by our ministers, all schools are good schools, however this girl is suffering in silence.

Share around in case you have friends who have kids studying in this school!

This first appeared as a post on the Facebook wall of Ms May Cai on 22 March 2016. Do join in the discussion over there if you have thoughts to share.


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