Declassified Text Message: Disgusted with condescending tutor

An invitational sms was dispatched to a certain primary level maths/science tutor to apply to list with us in the last quarter of 2015, however his condescending tone was a big turn-off to say the least. Provided below is a screen capture of the exchange:

He certainly wasn't wrong in asserting that those hailing from prestigious academic backgrounds do not necessarily teach well, however his time and again emphasis on not wishing to co-exist with "lesser mortals" paints an extremely negative picture of someone who thinks too highly of himself. Covert feedback subsequently gathered about his efficacy as a tutor suggested he was nowhere as competent as claimed on his website (which by the way required all prospective students to take a diagnostic test). Will we accept this pompous clown who is full of hot air into our ranks should he ever submit a proper listing application? Fat chance.

The Czar (Site Founder)

Text Message Declassified As Of 16 February 2016