Ping Yi Sec has “eaten” two schools because you didn’t give birth enough

You thought that low birth rates were just numbers? You thought no visible effects could be seen? Well, you are very wrong.

This year’s secondary school posting for the freshly graduated primary 6 students has been clear proof of what lesser babies can do to our infrastructure in the future. 7 secondary schools do not have a single student posted to their schools, not because no one applied, but because the number of applicants was way too small to form a proper cohort. The schools are Balestier Hill Secondary School, Henderson Secondary School, MacPherson Secondary School, North View Secondary School, Pioneer Secondary School, Siglap Secondary School and Si Ling Secondary School.

Many alumni of these schools have also been sad about the fact of their schools’ legacies being unable to continue. However, there is no way about it currently. In fact, it is not only these schools that are affected. Many schools are now having a much lower enrolment than before and MOE have been taking measures since last year, announcing the mergers of 8 schools into 4. Now, they are considering further plans to do so for other schools.

One of the schools announced to do so earlier is Ping Yi Secondary School. Starting from 2016, Ping Yi Secondary School will absorb Bedok Town Secondary School. What’s interesting is that Bedok Town Secondary School had absorbed Chai Chee Secondary in 2011. Thus, Bedok Town is already on its way to its second merger. Seems like the effects of Singaporeans choosing to have lesser children is quite long-lasting.

And Bedok Town is definitely not a standalone case. Clementi Woods Secondary, which is going to be merged with Tangling Secondary, is actually a merged school itself, being that of Clementi Woods Secondary and Ghim Moh Secondary.

If anything, incidents like this will only continue to be on the rise in the immediate few year. Maybe then, parents will decide to have more babies?

This post was first published over at Goody Feed on 25 December 2015. It is reproduced with permission.


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